gotta gotta gotta write write write

February 13, 2012

Remembering why i blog, or really revisiting it, i’m determined to actually put my foot forward and to blog more often. This really has more to do with looking around at my peers or even strangers i stumble past on the Interwebs than it does with fulfilling some personal mantra. I see ’em post all the time, even if a lot of it is drivel notwithstanding since it’s still being put out there for eyes… Read more of: gotta gotta gotta write write write

treating every encounter as if memoir material

January 28, 2012

After a recent introduction to a new clique (or maybe just a roughshod gathering of friends and friends of friends), i had a feeling, a slight tugging, that this was part of something bigger, that this Brooklyn night will end up years later across ruled parchment. Possibly the names will be changed, or, remaining intact, will only exist in a systrophic litany without fat, no delicacies for the reader to nosh upon, compelled to research… Read more of: treating every encounter as if memoir material

writers, photographers look: 25 short stories project

January 23, 2011

I’m a big fan of @Kickstarter! They have kick ass projects. I love books. I’m a writer. An emerging one at that. Combine those ingredients, and you’ll understand why i fell in love with Avery Anthology’s 25 Short Stories Project and pledged to fund. I’ve embedded the project’s video below, but in case you’re on a Flash-less phone and can’t view it, here’s the skinny: For the past four years, Avery has scoured America in search… Read more of: writers, photographers look: 25 short stories project

why i blog

January 15, 2011

I’ve found it interesting when people are surprised that i blog. A few folks only know that i’m a designer and/or a computer technician. They aren’t aware that i’ve been writing for years, published while in high school, and am finishing up my Creative Writing BA. This is actually the second iteration of Mental Ephemera. I took a break for a little over a year, recently starting fresh. So, i guess this post came out… Read more of: why i blog

finding that writing sweet spot

December 28, 2010

Everyone is capable of writing. I think many people are under the impression that there’s a secret code to doing so, some sort of arcane practice or rite of passage they must go through first. Nope. You just need to find that writing sweet spot, that place where you feel most comfortable—and the medium that works for you. For me, depending on what i’m writing, be it a poem or random thought or idea or… Read more of: finding that writing sweet spot