Civil, Human Rights ARE NOT a Zero-sum game

February 13, 2017

I need to address this notion that being pro #BlackLivesMatter means you’re denying the lives of other people and segments of life. Nah, bruh. Not how it works. Peep game. Off jump, White (from now on, yt) lives are the already checked box upon signing up for life’s EULA. Black (and Brown and Yellow and Red and…) lives are under custom/advanced settings. Gotta turn those options on while yt lives stay greyed out because (assumed) pillar… Read more of: Civil, Human Rights ARE NOT a Zero-sum game

Post-Racial America? Ha!

March 29, 2012

Post-Racial America? Ha! I can’t help but scoff at the notion of this term whenever it’s uttered. We live in a post-racial America in the same vein that god exists: it makes for a cool story, bro—something soothing yet entertaining enough to tell the kids while tucking them in; a story of hope, possible triumph, leaving them with a smile and no ill-thoughts brewing nightmares. But it’s all a fallacy, a charade, smoke & mirrors—as… Read more of: Post-Racial America? Ha!