day 002 -above average pain tolerance

January 12, 2011

For whatever reason(s), i’ve had a nagging headache throughout the day; hence, my immaculate photo of my 500mg Duane Reade brand “Pain Relief.” These caplets have been instrumental to keeping me sane over the past year (maybe longer) when headaches pop out of thin air. Today’s headaches were probably caused by stress, most likely from an nagging client who is more mercurial about their project than i am with Mental Ephemera’s design. Being bugged during… Read more of: day 002 -above average pain tolerance

the importance of “MOOZ-Lum” The Movie

November 11, 2010

(Originally published on Aug 8, 2010; updated since then.) There is a growing spirit manifesting amongst the American people, one with a voice resounding with trepidation, fear and anger of and towards the Muslim population in this country—drowning out their prayers for peace. Ignorant crescendo has become raucous uproar: the proposed mosque at the 9/11 Memorial site has all walks of life and political backgrounds sharing their opinions, the loudest being rejection. Of all things… Read more of: the importance of “MOOZ-Lum” The Movie