Autodidacticism, hello friend.

December 23, 2011

People ask questions but rarely seek answers. There’s a timidity when it comes to knowledge. Fear not, it won’t bite. Seeking own knowledge—the path of autodidacticism—will thaw the frozen ascetic within, inflamming a mental tazmanian devil, ready to devour tomes and submerge itself in the wells of experiences. Moving nomadically, each new desire allowed to grow to adolescence, forming relationship after relationship, long-lasting, of course, but some ephemeral, is both the good and bad. Ask… Read more of: Autodidacticism, hello friend.

i feel like a high school junior all over again

January 16, 2011

This feeling has nothing to do with raging hormones or acne-riddled skin (lol); but, rather, the detailed search for colleges and universities that fit my academic desires. Always looking ahead, i’m currently gathering my options for a new school to attend in a few years. Once i’m done with my BA and MFA at Hofstra University, i plan on moving outside of NY. The list is open, but currently includes Texas, Pennsylvania, and Maryland, so i’m… Read more of: i feel like a high school junior all over again