Post-Racial America? Ha!

March 29, 2012

Post-Racial America? Ha! I can’t help but scoff at the notion of this term whenever it’s uttered. We live in a post-racial America in the same vein that god exists: it makes for a cool story, bro—something soothing yet entertaining enough to tell the kids while tucking them in; a story of hope, possible triumph, leaving them with a smile and no ill-thoughts brewing nightmares. But it’s all a fallacy, a charade, smoke & mirrors—as… Read more of: Post-Racial America? Ha!

stream of consciousness #0009: music is god’s daddy & mommy

February 15, 2012

There is a train of thought that is constantly chugging along the great mental metal of minds too great to fail. That was the thought pattern behind the Titanic—right? Or, was that off since it wasn’t a train, but a large ship atop water, the icy depths of death soon awaiting its foolish passengers believing they could tackle the grandest of behemoths that are the oceans of the earth? Foolish pride is not pitied. Or,… Read more of: stream of consciousness #0009: music is god’s daddy & mommy

Individuals have power, too—not just gods

December 9, 2011

Far too many times people use (g)God(s) or religion as a crutch more than as a springboard. Owning up to one’s prowess and greatness takes courage. Dr. Cornell West maintains that it takes courage “to love,” “to have faith,” “to hope,” and other such actions and held beliefs (Terence Blanchard’s Choices, “Winding Roads”). Well, not being afraid and realizing the power within takes courage, too. Responsibility is often a burden that, at times, people do not… Read more of: Individuals have power, too—not just gods

noshing of Sacred Cows: a tirade, of sorts

December 1, 2011

I cannot for the life of me, even when i begin to have some thoughts of, and i cannot call it acceptance, but maybe respect or leniency (i guess) for the religious folks out there—those blind, well, maybe myopic is more respectful and giving of a word—devotees. It’s difficult to be able to latch onto Christian, especially Catholic, folks and their clan’s beliefs. The cauldron’d and served gospel poison has fully decimated and truly usurped… Read more of: noshing of Sacred Cows: a tirade, of sorts

day 005 — humans, we’re small creatures

January 15, 2011

A second consecutive day using my BlackBerry for the photo. Didn’t come out too badly. I’m on my way back to New York. Last bus from Philly. I love this time of night because the bus is rarely packed, so i can sit by myself ::dances::. The relative solitude allows me to keep my bag from off the nasty floor and to be more comfortable jotting down notes. I need room to type on the… Read more of: day 005 — humans, we’re small creatures