Neither confession nor indictment

February 1, 2012

I want this to be neither confession nor indictment but more of a review, maybe a prospectus. So, 2011 was a tempest of a year for me. Fitting, I guess, that “tempest” has been used to describe me by a person whose life i may have inadvertently thrown for a loop; though it would be an echoed action since they had torn up mine, my head, lashed out and scarred my heart years prior. However,… Read more of: Neither confession nor indictment

Stream of Consciousness #0008: underachieving

January 12, 2012

Even in my dreams—during the times of peace, of unconscious revery—i find myself berating my self, left with remnants once awake. The unconscious finds a way to highlight the conscious mistakes, missteps and mishaps it feels occur on a basis, if not daily, then still way too often. Waking up in a state of anger, or with vexation and annoyance, or with any tidbit of beguiling angst because of visions and memories elusive, are not… Read more of: Stream of Consciousness #0008: underachieving

Roadmap for 2012

January 6, 2012

Driver’s license—yes, making strides so ensure it’s a reality this year: started looking up driving schools in my neighborhood. Contemplating doing a coast to coast road trip, and I want to be able to contribute more than just gas and tolls with whomever joins me lol. Even thinking about creating a new site (or tumblr) to document it: videos, photos, the whole shebang. Gonna see what happens. Vision board—going to attempt this on my wall (i have… Read more of: Roadmap for 2012

my 2011 (gasp!) resolutions

January 3, 2011

In an attempt to be more accountable (public acknowledgment is a wondrous form of keeping me in check), i crafted a list of goals (of resolutions) for 2011. This litany was much more difficult to construct than i thought. Deciding what i was comfortable sharing and goals i truly want to reach was interesting. So without further ado, i, macario.james, with utmost diligence, before the gods, deceased and yet alive, resolve to: Take saxophone lessons… Read more of: my 2011 (gasp!) resolutions