“New Blacks” & Respectability Politics [short]

June 5, 2015

We have this neologism of folks Pharrell dubbed “New Blacks” tragically crafting themselves as uncanny likenesses of Narcissus. The pool of compliments and encouragement poured by Whites, the lavish reflections gazed upon will be a bowel of New Blacks’ drowning demise, set to a background cacophony of “Wake up!” reminiscent of the end of the Black film School Daze. Sure, y’all have made a few million dollars, tripped or climbed up some ledges and steps… Read more of: “New Blacks” & Respectability Politics [short]

day 004 – Black Athletes in America

January 14, 2011

This won’t be an exhaustive post because i couldn’t watch all of the show, and i don’t want to take up my significant other time blogging. Lol. But, here it goes. I serendipitiously found a spot in Penn Station earlier today that miraculously was showing the ESPN special covering Black Athletes in America (probably not the full or correct name, but i cannot verify as I am writing this from my phone, and you know… Read more of: day 004 – Black Athletes in America