Neither confession nor indictment

February 1, 2012

I want this to be neither confession nor indictment but more of a review, maybe a prospectus. So, 2011 was a tempest of a year for me. Fitting, I guess, that “tempest” has been used to describe me by a person whose life i may have inadvertently thrown for a loop; though it would be an echoed action since they had torn up mine, my head, lashed out and scarred my heart years prior. However,… Read more of: Neither confession nor indictment

day 006 – cigarettes and alcohol

January 18, 2011

Nope, i didn’t fail already for the 365 project. Lol. I took a photo last night, but didn’t feel up to writing. As you can see by the excited poses, it is from a bar during the Jets-Patriots game! The alcohol embargo i put on my body lasted only a fortnight. It was a last minute decision to be around people again, but a good one since it ended up being a jovial night at… Read more of: day 006 – cigarettes and alcohol