Stream of Consciousness #0008: underachieving

January 12, 2012

Even in my dreams—during the times of peace, of unconscious revery—i find myself berating my self, left with remnants once awake. The unconscious finds a way to highlight the conscious mistakes, missteps and mishaps it feels occur on a basis, if not daily, then still way too often. Waking up in a state of anger, or with vexation and annoyance, or with any tidbit of beguiling angst because of visions and memories elusive, are not… Read more of: Stream of Consciousness #0008: underachieving

Donate Your Idle CPU Time

January 11, 2012

For those like me who keep their computers at home and at work on all the time, here’s a simple way to put them to use while away: it’s called volunteer computing. Basically, your computer gives some of its resources to assist in various scientific or academic research projects. It’s important because there are > billion computers in the world, but most of them are not being used to anywhere near full capacity, especially sitting… Read more of: Donate Your Idle CPU Time

my individualist manifesto, of sorts—more a personal declaration

January 10, 2012

Here lie meandering thoughts along pathways unlaid by others, but known to me nonetheless My goal in life, my destiny (eh), if you will, is to be a bastion, a paragon, the utmost shining example of an individualist—to continue the lionization of individuality and individualism. This is my individualist manifesto, of sorts. Apparently, i scream uniqueness, wearing it across my face—metal-pierced flesh—and smeared along my skin as tattooed pain. My aura, actions and mindset together… Read more of: my individualist manifesto, of sorts—more a personal declaration

How I Use Gmail to Organize my Electronic Missives

January 9, 2012

From inception and through growing adoption over the past decade, email has been lauded and defined as a means to reduce clutter and headache, so much so, it has devolved into an experience, a nuisance really, reminiscent of what it was supposed to replace, or reduce tremendously, at least: physical letters and packages. Spam is annoying. Google, seven years ago with the beta release of Gmail, looked to curtail our issues with too much information… Read more of: How I Use Gmail to Organize my Electronic Missives

Zynga’s Latest Game: Hidden Chronicles–an aperçu

January 6, 2012

Damn you, Zynga—damn you! Just when i thought i’d gotten good with corralling my Words With Friends addiction habit—only playing my turn via iPod right before sleeping so as to not get sucked in throughout the day—you go ahead and release a game i’d actually play while logged into Facebook (which i’m already on for a godforsaken amount of time as is). Good thing this game isn’t for iOS devices—yet, since i’m sure it’s coming… Read more of: Zynga’s Latest Game: Hidden Chronicles–an aperçu

Roadmap for 2012

Driver’s license—yes, making strides so ensure it’s a reality this year: started looking up driving schools in my neighborhood. Contemplating doing a coast to coast road trip, and I want to be able to contribute more than just gas and tolls with whomever joins me lol. Even thinking about creating a new site (or tumblr) to document it: videos, photos, the whole shebang. Gonna see what happens. Vision board—going to attempt this on my wall (i have… Read more of: Roadmap for 2012

Achilles’ Last Stand

December 31, 2011

Sometime during the beginning of March (when i originally started this piece), i got kicked in the ass—by my Father, with words. I’m not a degenerate. I’m no lackey. I’m not a youngin (relative, of course) who needs (or likes to) be told what i should or should not to do. My friends and family all know that. However, pep talks and sermons from a parental are what i need at times—even when i dislike believing… Read more of: Achilles’ Last Stand

Stream of Consciousness #0005 – poem

December 27, 2011

there is a poem inside all of us us being the collective human human identity should never be relegated relegated to the bottom feeder livelihood of of closeted existence that is corporatism corporatism is the bane of freedom freedom is what creates, incites and excites excites the most meek and soft-spoken individuals individuals are the ones that push this world forward forward is never backwards but sideways and diagonally pushing pushing for the creative exploits… Read more of: Stream of Consciousness #0005 – poem

Filling a need (i hope): i’m creating a WordPress theme & plugin for scholars

December 24, 2011

During my continual galavanting across the Interwebs in search of cool shit, i’ve yet to come across a WordPress theme (or plugin!) that is both aesthetically conducive and appealing to a particular lot (such as Manifest), as well as possessing functionality of traditional standalone software that could be used by writers, editors, or librarians; basically those of the educational-minded ilk. Even before gestation and birth, i’ve dubbed it Scholar. I’m thinking that Scholar should be… Read more of: Filling a need (i hope): i’m creating a WordPress theme & plugin for scholars

Autodidacticism, hello friend.

December 23, 2011

People ask questions but rarely seek answers. There’s a timidity when it comes to knowledge. Fear not, it won’t bite. Seeking own knowledge—the path of autodidacticism—will thaw the frozen ascetic within, inflamming a mental tazmanian devil, ready to devour tomes and submerge itself in the wells of experiences. Moving nomadically, each new desire allowed to grow to adolescence, forming relationship after relationship, long-lasting, of course, but some ephemeral, is both the good and bad. Ask… Read more of: Autodidacticism, hello friend.

Personal Book Embargo

December 22, 2011

I have to do this. It’s a necessary evil, a vital push towards chopping down this never-ending tree that sprouts books as fruit. I need to do this. Mantra! Lol. For 2012, i’ve decided to place an embargo on my book purchasing—with two caveats: one, i have six get out of jail free cards, which allow me to purchase only six books throughout the year, mandatory school books excluded; and two, receiving a book as… Read more of: Personal Book Embargo

i need to live my life how i was born

December 17, 2011

Since the advent of time, and not just the clock, but the breaking down of days based on night- and daylight, we as humankind have attempted to chronicle and forecast our lives, daily, weekly, yearly, etc., in an attempt, i believe, to quantify and give stock to our ephemeral existences. We want to maximize (or minimize) the quests we undertake, the pastimes in which we induldge, the time spent with and the number of family,… Read more of: i need to live my life how i was born

Individuals have power, too—not just gods

December 9, 2011

Far too many times people use (g)God(s) or religion as a crutch more than as a springboard. Owning up to one’s prowess and greatness takes courage. Dr. Cornell West maintains that it takes courage “to love,” “to have faith,” “to hope,” and other such actions and held beliefs (Terence Blanchard’s Choices, “Winding Roads”). Well, not being afraid and realizing the power within takes courage, too. Responsibility is often a burden that, at times, people do not… Read more of: Individuals have power, too—not just gods

Stream of Conscious #0010: Sitting cross-legged in public—on the floor

The comings and goings of hundreds of legs all with destinations unknown to those unattached is a remarkable spectacle to behold. Copping a squat in the busiest or lonliest of places in public on the floor is a pastime, an act saved for the comfortable, uncaring or tired. Falling into all three types, not sure which came first, its genesis of accepted and looking-forward-to practice stems from high school years within hallways nuturing behavior peculiar… Read more of: Stream of Conscious #0010: Sitting cross-legged in public—on the floor

i told a stranger

December 8, 2011

Several months ago, i told a stranger of my continued loss of affection for New York̬how i couldn’t wait to leave. Except, i’d probably have to stay—it would be the smart thing to do, financially and professionally—for a few more years, at least. I’ll admit, she wasn’t really a stranger, actually, but might as well have been since we only knew each other from a class the previous semester, having bartered only some sentences over… Read more of: i told a stranger

an introduction to Mental Ephemera

I had totally forgotten about this post, written almost in its entirety during January. It was supposed to be the new About page, but clearly that didn’t happen. I think this post is an awesome appendage to the current About, which is more about its author, since it works as an introduction to Mental Ephemera as a whole. So, without further ado: I figured i’d address some things. Once i end my hiatus in 2012,… Read more of: an introduction to Mental Ephemera

weird, random sh*t i want to buy–a wishlist of sorts

December 7, 2011

My random mind spews out, becomes infatuated with, and utterly boggles the bejesus out of me with its various desires. Usually, though, they’re not just ephemeral, pleasure-only seeking gadgets or trinkets, but actually worthwhile products or investments as i’d like all my purchases to be. Too many times i purchase short-lasting balms (e.g. alcohol and food) rather than long-lasting tools. A Folding Bicycle I don’t drive. Don’t even have a learner’s permit. So i walk… Read more of: weird, random sh*t i want to buy–a wishlist of sorts

slow dancing in a burning room

December 1, 2011

Life is veritably—if one believes in myths as truth, as monuments—a candle slowly, painstakingly, unbeknownst and unheralded or conspicuous, burning. Each of our predominately phallic wax statuses is ever-inching towards finality—we will come to the placeholder one day, dust, ash, wax, everything asunder. The key is to recognize the inevitable iceberg. Once approached and landed upon, we will have two choices (minimally): to dive into the depths surrounding, searching for more. Or, stricken with fear,… Read more of: slow dancing in a burning room

not too long ago i had a paltry $3.11 to my name

The week of August 9th 2010, I had $3.11 in my bank account. My savings accounts totaled around the same. The bills in my pocket were a tad over $10, and my business account was a goose egg. I was a financial mess. And it’s not like i was unemployed or was stuck in a mediocre, under-paying gig; i was, unfortunately like many of my peers, foolish beyond belief, possibly more so than them. See,… Read more of: not too long ago i had a paltry $3.11 to my name

noshing of Sacred Cows: a tirade, of sorts

I cannot for the life of me, even when i begin to have some thoughts of, and i cannot call it acceptance, but maybe respect or leniency (i guess) for the religious folks out there—those blind, well, maybe myopic is more respectful and giving of a word—devotees. It’s difficult to be able to latch onto Christian, especially Catholic, folks and their clan’s beliefs. The cauldron’d and served gospel poison has fully decimated and truly usurped… Read more of: noshing of Sacred Cows: a tirade, of sorts

Steam of Consciousness 0001: skin and bones

I’ve been measuring my life in coffee beans, motivating self to accomplish feats via caffeine. Daily do i roast myself for toasting to light and several sugars, rarely experiencing more than daily mundanity. Every time i listen to a new artist, an old song, view a blank canvas, i look for the driving force, a catalyst of a whisper to start maneuvering past the current stage of my life—onto the next precipice, hopefully more than… Read more of: Steam of Consciousness 0001: skin and bones

letting go of the reins

There is an awakened consciousness allowed to holler from the rooftops when we engage in the practice of stream-of-consciousness writing. Our most uncelebrated thoughts are given a parade; we hand them the keys to the city; we rename City Hall after them. To jettison the guards and trappings of calculated thought by putting pen to paper, scribbling down anything that comes to mind—for four straight minutes—is to enhance the understanding of self. No inhibitions. It’s… Read more of: letting go of the reins

science fiction + poetry: two loves, one outlet:

March 8, 2011

While browsing the Writing & Publishing section of Kickstarter, i was captivated by the gypsy-like illustration for what turned out to be a project for sci-fi and poetry magazine, Basement Stories. I was very happy to receive an email that i was able to help kickstart this project, one combining two of my loves, poetry and sci-fi. The former i have marked indelibly upon my flesh; the latter is useful in exercising my mind, constantly… Read more of: science fiction + poetry: two loves, one outlet:

Vere sandals: i’m taking the plunge

February 17, 2011

Apparently, my whole essence and aesthetics, style and swagger scream, “Sandals!” Yet, for most of my life (that i remember, at least) i have held a certain disdain for them. Not too sure why. I much prefer to walk around barefoot and w/ cargo shorts, than to wear sandals. That’s all changing for good. A few months ago, i was looking at sandals, anything that would appeal to me—you know, not rubbery or that old… Read more of: Vere sandals: i’m taking the plunge

no more unlimited online backups w/ Mozy smh

Dear Macario James, Thanks for being a valued Mozy subscriber. For the first time since 2006, we’re adjusting the price of our MozyHome service and wanted to give you a heads up. As part of this change, we’re replacing our MozyHome Unlimited backup plan and introducing the following tiered storage plans: 50 GB for $5.99 per month (includes backup for 1 computer) 125 GB for $9.99 per month (includes backup for up to 3 computers)… Read more of: no more unlimited online backups w/ Mozy smh