my life in 365 days

January 10, 2011

Directly inspired by Ev’Yan and her “my life in 365 days” post, i’ve decided i want to try taking a photo … every day … for a year. It’s tempting to think it’s easy, but as a person who’s attempted (and “completed”) several poetry 30-in-30s (at least one poem every day for 30 consecutive days),… Read more of: my life in 365 days

finding that writing sweet spot

December 28, 2010

Everyone is capable of writing. I think many people are under the impression that there’s a secret code to doing so, some sort of arcane practice or rite of passage they must go through first. Nope. You just need to find that writing sweet spot, that place where you feel most comfortable—and the medium that… Read more of: finding that writing sweet spot