day 010 – appreciate all forms of artwork

January 22, 2011

I was fixing another professor’s computer, and he had the painting below on his office wall (about an 8-10′ canvas). It looks like it could be a Jackson Pollock, but it’s not. Or, that’s what the professor told me: he and his 10-year-old son regularly buy or construct canvases and then paint wondrous works such as this. I love it, either way. I recall going to the MoMa as a kid for a school assignment:… Read more of: day 010 – appreciate all forms of artwork

day 009 – inspirational paragon

January 21, 2011

Continuing the usage of my neologism “inspirational paragon,” this is a photo of my boy, Pino’s, current blog, where he is standing next to a larger than life, yet it’s aptly sized given life accomplishments, head sculpture of “arguably the greatest President this country has ever seen,” Abraham Lincoln. This picture was perfect since Pino came by my crib on Wednesday to go over the redesign of his blog. Being a fellow bibliophile and writer,… Read more of: day 009 – inspirational paragon

day 008 – i love biographies

It’s been a couple of days since i posted, but today i will catch up with my 365 Days project. I have been faithful, however, with snapping a photo day, but just like earlier in the week, i’m behind the actual write-ups. Sue me: it’s the American pastime. Lol. Anyway, i chose the image above for the main entry because it was a cool surprise. That’s Piper Perabo, better known as Annie Walker from the… Read more of: day 008 – i love biographies

day 007 – Bohemian Fashion

January 18, 2011

So, yesterday while on a quest for some new boots, which i didn’t ultimately buy, i bought a sweater and blazer for $20! (I’m a very frugal shopper, only buying on sale or thrift stores!) I didn’t feel like trying on the blazer or sweater since i was strapped for time. Maybe i should have. Today when i tried it on, i noticed that the sleeves were short. After looking, i saw that the blazer… Read more of: day 007 – Bohemian Fashion

day 006 – cigarettes and alcohol

Nope, i didn’t fail already for the 365 project. Lol. I took a photo last night, but didn’t feel up to writing. As you can see by the excited poses, it is from a bar during the Jets-Patriots game! The alcohol embargo i put on my body lasted only a fortnight. It was a last minute decision to be around people again, but a good one since it ended up being a jovial night at… Read more of: day 006 – cigarettes and alcohol

day 005 — humans, we’re small creatures

January 15, 2011

A second consecutive day using my BlackBerry for the photo. Didn’t come out too badly. I’m on my way back to New York. Last bus from Philly. I love this time of night because the bus is rarely packed, so i can sit by myself ::dances::. The relative solitude allows me to keep my bag from off the nasty floor and to be more comfortable jotting down notes. I need room to type on the… Read more of: day 005 — humans, we’re small creatures

day 004 – Black Athletes in America

January 14, 2011

This won’t be an exhaustive post because i couldn’t watch all of the show, and i don’t want to take up my significant other time blogging. Lol. But, here it goes. I serendipitiously found a spot in Penn Station earlier today that miraculously was showing the ESPN special covering Black Athletes in America (probably not the full or correct name, but i cannot verify as I am writing this from my phone, and you know… Read more of: day 004 – Black Athletes in America

day 003 – Mental Ephemera Redesign

January 13, 2011

This will be a relatively short post as i wrote enough for the day about an hour ago lol. I was up until around 2:30am last night designing version 3.0 of Mental Ephemera. All week it was bugging me. I finally decided to just sit down and knock it out. I blame it on the simple elegance and content focus of Apricot Tea. Why did i have to stumble upon that site? Lol. I’ll never know, i’m… Read more of: day 003 – Mental Ephemera Redesign

day 002 -above average pain tolerance

January 12, 2011

For whatever reason(s), i’ve had a nagging headache throughout the day; hence, my immaculate photo of my 500mg Duane Reade brand “Pain Relief.” These caplets have been instrumental to keeping me sane over the past year (maybe longer) when headaches pop out of thin air. Today’s headaches were probably caused by stress, most likely from an nagging client who is more mercurial about their project than i am with Mental Ephemera’s design. Being bugged during… Read more of: day 002 -above average pain tolerance

day 001 – importance of digital books, of all books

January 11, 2011

This is the genesis of the My Life in 365 Days project. I wanted to start yesterday with a photo i snapped of some geese, but they didn’t strike me with inspiration, and after speaking to my father, i agreed the once-in-our-lifetime date of 01.11.11 was too good to pass up. I love numbers, and although i’m not heavily into numerology, studying or believing it wholeheartedly, i do have a passive interest in numerical significance… Read more of: day 001 – importance of digital books, of all books