Some Things to Help While Dealing with Depression

March 20, 2017

Some stuff that has worked (at times) for me over the years when depression lulls hit: Throwing unnecessary things out Cleaning off one’s work desk or work area. Declutter your mind physically—try it, it helps, oddly enough Throwing out stacks of (un)read magazines and newspapers Donating books (gasp!) and clothes ya never wear (like, last time was over a year ago), unless it’s really something of value, like financially or family heirloom-esque Shit, shower, shave; basically, grooming… Read more of: Some Things to Help While Dealing with Depression

gotta gotta gotta write write write

February 13, 2012

Remembering why i blog, or really revisiting it, i’m determined to actually put my foot forward and to blog more often. This really has more to do with looking around at my peers or even strangers i stumble past on the Interwebs than it does with fulfilling some personal mantra. I see ’em post all the time, even if a lot of it is drivel notwithstanding since it’s still being put out there for eyes… Read more of: gotta gotta gotta write write write

Donate Your Idle CPU Time

January 11, 2012

For those like me who keep their computers at home and at work on all the time, here’s a simple way to put them to use while away: it’s called volunteer computing. Basically, your computer gives some of its resources to assist in various scientific or academic research projects. It’s important because there are > billion computers in the world, but most of them are not being used to anywhere near full capacity, especially sitting… Read more of: Donate Your Idle CPU Time

my life in 365 days

January 10, 2011

Directly inspired by Ev’Yan and her “my life in 365 days” post, i’ve decided i want to try taking a photo … every day … for a year. It’s tempting to think it’s easy, but as a person who’s attempted (and “completed”) several poetry 30-in-30s (at least one poem every day for 30 consecutive days), i know better. The fuel to do so and excitement is there for the first couple days. But then life… Read more of: my life in 365 days