freedom to read (on any device)

December 31, 2010

With the proliferation of digital readers and assorted touch screen tablets, there’s an increase in the desire to read books, magazines, PDFs, etc. while on the go. We’re an increasingly mobile society, so being able to learn or be entertained wherever we are is important. Heck, i rarely go anywhere without my MacBook, and never without my BlackBerry (even the bathroom, sadly). I love having access to my library (or as much of it as… Read more of: freedom to read (on any device)

choices to be made: Kindle 3 or Nook Color?

December 28, 2010

I’ll come right out the gate with what you want to know: i decided on a Nook Color. I’m sure my friend @Pat_B_Sure is saying, “Ha! I told you so” right about now, but that’s only because he thinks he’s won the war in our Nook vs Kindle disputes. Well, in a way, sure; but ultimately, i’ve won. The consumer is always right! (Pat works for Barnes & Noble, by the way.) After chiding (jokingly)… Read more of: choices to be made: Kindle 3 or Nook Color?