Video Game-Playing Thoughts: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD (PS4)

Time to get back into Final Fantasy games via the physical copy of Final Fantasy Type-0 i had bought like a year ago from Game Stop. The story and cinematic scenes are engrossing, intense from the moment you hit “New Game”. Death, loss, and blood. Beautiful intro music while credits are rolling.

Started playing this with my soon-to-be five-year-old watching. Wanted to see if they would be able to, if it was too violent.

The while-you-play tutorial is clunky and not too helpful. It sorta gave me the right direction for things, but ended up being trial and error with button presses, which led me to using up MP and being frustrated at not knowing what the heck i was doing. The game is disorienting in spots.

Been a while since i played an RPG with save points and no option to save where you want. Having to double-back over cut scenes was annoying and harkened back to PS1 days.

Tip (spoiler): during the first boss battle and first time you get to use a summoned entity, just use the charged ‘X’ move for a single blow to victory. I attempted to fight normally and lost, having to go through the cut scenes and lower level fights again. Annoying. And, be patient, rolling out the way for a bit, strategic-like during the second part of said boss battle.

Not sure i want to continue playing. Never been a big fan of action RPGs; tactical and traditional turn-based RPGs are more my speed.