Some Things to Help While Dealing with Depression

Faradarmani -- sad to happySome stuff that has worked (at times) for me over the years when depression lulls hit:

  • Throwing unnecessary things out
    • Cleaning off one’s work desk or work area.
      • Declutter your mind physically—try it, it helps, oddly enough
    • Throwing out stacks of (un)read magazines and newspapers
    • Donating books (gasp!) and clothes ya never wear (like, last time was over a year ago), unless it’s really something of value, like financially or family heirloom-esque
  • Shit, shower, shave; basically, grooming and cleanliness helps—a lot. So simple, but so real
  • See a therapist, please; i just started (again) with one last week
    • Give it a shot
  • Sex
  • Drink some turmeric tea—it’s not just for when you’ve got a cold
  • Talk to your friends—give them a call, shoot a text, an email, some type of missive to reach out
    • Can be like hey you wanna grab lunch or dinner, a drink maybe—my treat (if they say they’re broke)—but make it sound like you really want to link with them for a reason other than just catching up
  • Speak with your spouse/partner
  • Play videogames
  • Write
    • Start a blog
    • Scribble ish down in a journal
    • Talk about your issues to the masses on an anonymous blog—promoting it on a Pinterest blog just for depression or a niche of a niche you are into
  • Read your favourite book(s)—even if you’ve done so fifty-leven times
  • Watch your favourite movie or TV series—the one(s) that makes you cry and laugh, smile and dance
  • Sex

If you have other ish to add, put it in the comments below ^_^

suggestions to help with depression


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    1. No doubt. Been looking to share more of what has helped me because maybe the slightest thing could help someone else. Been getting closer to following your lead and writing about my experience going to therapy.

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