Civil, Human Rights ARE NOT a Zero-sum game

I need to address this notion that being pro #BlackLivesMatter means you’re denying the lives of other people and segments of life. Nah, bruh. Not how it works. Peep game.

Off jump, White (from now on, yt) lives are the already checked box upon signing up for life’s EULA. Black (and Brown and Yellow and Red and…) lives are under custom/advanced settings. Gotta turn those options on while yt lives stay greyed out because (assumed) pillar of society.
Supporting a cause or a belief or a movement is additive. Denying or being against it is a negative. The former meaning it is in-line or walking with and along the same path. The latter is retracting, diverting backwards, askew–deviating from productivity, from progression.

When ya proclaim all willy-nilly with reactionary “conservative” yt girl, rich-privilege “#AllLivesMatter”, you refute all claim to being an ally.

Zero-sum means, for the uninitiated, that there are 10 sticks, and if you take 1 or 7, there or 9 or 3 left to divvy out. Once it equals 10, all energy, matter–whatever the fuck–is spent. That’s it! 


When i shout out, or when my people — Black folks, us of whatever colour ya wanna deem us — say that Black Lives Matter, it is NOT a detracting statement of the collective of humanity; it is not saying other lives DON’T matter; it is saying that, HEY, we fucking matter, too! Please, finally, pay attention to us, to our struggle.

You can proclaim your angst and outrage for niggers not getting killed at the same time ya shout about a pale 4-year-old drowning in a pool. Police pull out guns and batons as they do their dicks on xvideos dot com searching for “mom fucks son” as if that’s cool (because Kentucky); but when they pull out sticks and gats for Charleston Chews buying 14-year-olds at corner stores, there’s a 400k goFundMe for oppression for the yt Christian who’s “oppressed” by the low-sagging pants wearing Negro. Yeah.

“Whoa whoa whoa. Yeah yeah yeah.” (Hi, Fabolous!).

Suck my dick. I will spit in your face with your racism. Your blatant fuckshit of a mental is not okay. Don’t like me. Don’t touch me. Leave. Bye. You’re the problem.

If you’re a person of privilege, fucking speak. Don’t live in placation. If you do — and you probably will, with your Black boy/girl friend, end it. Now. Stop being on Tumblr. Stop with your fitted Stussy hats. I don’t want you.

You’re not an ally. At all. Read a fucking book. I can give you (half) a library.