i embody the nomad life

Even if you’ve only known me for ten minutes, let alone ten years, you will understand that i live the nomadic lifestyle–vagabond, wanderluster, constant-jaunter, etc.

I love being on the move; i dislike staid or static existence. New experiences, new lands, new people are what get me going in the morning–even more so than coffee—and i LOVE coffee.

Over the past year and a half, i’ve been introduced and bonded with a tertiary family: the Nomadness Travel Tribe, most commonly referred to as The Tribe. We are a global collective of world travelers, of nomads, of folks with the wanderlust affliction–we do not stay still for more than a few weeks, a few days; hell, some of us even a few hours. To get background info, i wrote about The Tribe about a year ago.

Shit’s gotten even bigger since then: written up in Ebony magazine; grown to over 4,100 members; six official NomadnessX trips in as many nations; countless meetups throughout the country and the world; released several merchandise items; launched a new Kickstarter; (i’m) diligently working on the creation of and migration to a non-Facebook network; and not to forget the innumerable new friendships and life-long bonds folks have made.

I write this because i want to share one of my passions with y’all. We are currently on our second Kickstarter campaign to raise money for our upcoming RV Tour across the United States! Over about three weeks we will be hitting close to a dozen cities and about as many college campuses spreading the word about Nomadness, about travel, and the freedom we all have if we just allow ourselves to step out on the proverbial ledge.

Money is an object, yes—however, it is NOT an insurmountable obstacle.

And, full disclosure (always), when i say we, i am speaking from the full collective standpoint, but also as a member of what we call The High Council Evita Turquoise Robinson, the creator of this wondrous international group.

Aight, i have nothing more to say but support us…support me, if anything. World travelers unite; wanderlusters chime in. Love y’all.

Peace. And travel.