Stream of Consciousness #0005 – poem

there is a poem inside all of us

us being the collective human

human identity should never be relegated

relegated to the bottom feeder livelihood of

of closeted existence that is corporatism

corporatism is the bane of freedom

freedom is what creates, incites and excites

excites the most meek and soft-spoken individuals

individuals are the ones that push this world forward

forward is never backwards but sideways and diagonally pushing

pushing for the creative exploits of the mind to be public

public speaking or liberating via bullhorns, canvases

canvases of ink or maybe paint drips or crocheting scarves

scarves aren’t merely for fashion but protection

protection form the governmental groupies the governmental whores

whores who never understand why they’re bottom why they’re distraught

distraught lives are never lived to potential

potential isn’t often more than not squashed because of ignorance

ignorance is a poison drank and coddled more than beer and infants

infants are the elders of a dying race of flesh and books, skin and substance

substance abuse untold, unwritten