Autodidacticism, hello friend.

People ask questions but rarely seek answers. There’s a timidity when it comes to knowledge. Fear not, it won’t bite.

Seeking own knowledge—the path of autodidacticism—will thaw the frozen ascetic within, inflamming a mental tazmanian devil, ready to devour tomes and submerge itself in the wells of experiences. Moving nomadically, each new desire allowed to grow to adolescence, forming relationship after relationship, long-lasting, of course, but some ephemeral, is both the good and bad.

Ask not, want not, so the saying goes; yet wants are still present even without vocalizing them. Fear or uncertainty, possibly uncomfortable with inquiry, are the markers that i believe dissuade people from enriching themselves.

Ignorance is bliss, yet knowledge is torment. If one seeks not, one obtains naught. There must be a pursuit or stagnancy is the only outcome.

Go forth into the world, young or old(er) reader, unleash yourself and enrich the world with your inquiry and curiosity. Trust me, you will not regret it.