an introduction to Mental Ephemera

I had totally forgotten about this post, written almost in its entirety during January. It was supposed to be the new About page, but clearly that didn’t happen. I think this post is an awesome appendage to the current About, which is more about its author, since it works as an introduction to Mental Ephemera as a whole. So, without further ado:

I figured i’d address some things.

Once i end my hiatus in 2012, if you’re following me on Twitter, or vice versa, i will unfollow if you are deliberately hateful towards others. Ribbing people for sports affiliations is cool—healthy rivalries are fine. Spewing derogatory remarks because of a person’s sexuality isn’t something i can stand to read on my timeline; no one should. Growing up during my ignorant days, i concede i would chime along with my friends, using the words “gay” and “faggot” or other such homophobic slurs. I’ve learned that it’s wrong, it’s pure ignorant hatred. Using racist remarks, spewing vitriol against a given religion or being negatively stereotypical will not be tolerated, either.

Throughout this year, i’ve been cleansing, hoping to be an example of changing for the better. You and i may have been cool and hung out in the past, shared a few beers or some laughs, but that was then, and i cannot let negativity fester in my psyche or hover around me, even in the digital realm. We should have less and less room for hatred and negativity today than we did 10, 20 years ago, but at times i still see little change.

On this blog, you will read posts that will often tackle religion (my questioning aversion to it), politics (opening one’s eyes to all parties’ actions and goals), conventions (marriage is one), sexuality, (oppressive) patriarchy and society as a whole. You’ll also see posts on technology, and i will constantly bring up topics about growth, self-empowerment and knowledge: i’m an auto-didacticism proponent, after all.

I am, if to be “liberal” with labels, an agnostic anti-theist atheist.

I am a staunch libertarian. I agree wholeheartedly with the basic philosophy, just not with the way the group (Libertarian party) has moved and/or is portrayed in the public eye, not following the philosophy as set forth. Why do i align myself with a group, wear a label, put myself in a category? Because it is the first and only political ideology that is the perfect summation of my political beliefs. These beliefs trickle down into societal views, as well. There should be no tampering with another’s personal liberty. Point blank. As long as someone is not interfering in another’s liberties to do the same, i believe in letting them be. I am not responsible for any but myself, which implicitly includes my family and my (future) children. No more. No less. There is no obligation to anyone else—save we delve into the moral realm, but that’s not the course of action here.

We’ve come a hell of a way in this country from 30% of its citizens not being seen as fully human to a man of that “three-fifths” ancestry being the leader of said Nation. It’s a beautiful thing. Progression. Yet, with beauty, comes the blemished. Life is binary: there’s no good without bad; never yes without no.

How can i be a Libertarian—a Conservative—and i’m a Black man? Simple: why not? I’m an educated man. And by educated this has little to do with traditional schooling for i have no college degree. I’m a learned 27-year-old, and predominately by my own hands, brains, thirst and ambition. I’ve walked my own path because i knew i cared about things, many things, that others may not have as strongly. I’ve never had a curious or educational itch i didn’t scratch. From the time i received my first computer at 13 and was able to get on the Internet with a 56k modem, i spent exhaustive and innumerable amount of hours—thousands upon thousands—browsing 1000s of websites, absorbing, learning, never satisfied. And i do the same still to this day; my thirst has yet to be quenched and is probably more parched than ever.

I didn’t allow what my peers were doing to influence or deter me. I’m a believer in human beings having her or his own desires, and afforded the ability to make their own respective choices. There should never be any issue or limitation on that—as long as it follows the same principle that one shall not harm another or impede their freedom.

Things are complicated, of course. I understand that with the underlying system of capitalism built upon supply and demand, haves and have-nots, something has to give. Definitely.

However, i, we, live in a world where that’s not changing, not anytime soon. And, especially not within the military power houses/societies of the world.

So, while i live within these societies built upon these ideologies, i will embrace that which affords me and my family and friends the greatest possible satisfactory livelihood and lifestyle.

I’m aware there’s much to be said, to be discussed or rebutted or what have you, but this introduction post is already of substantial length. I will be going more in-depth in subsequent posts, as well as in two books i’m writing, Conservative Bohemian and Black. lover. agnostic. conservative. knowledge-seeker. Both of these i’m working on (more in my head or in online outlines than actually on paper or on-screen). They both have no prospective release date—i’m just hoping before 2013.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading this blog. Please comment or contact me and definitely share with your friends, families and coworkers if something of interest or thought-provoking.

Thanks for reading,