Vere sandals: i’m taking the plunge

Apparently, my whole essence and aesthetics, style and swagger scream, “Sandals!” Yet, for most of my life (that i remember, at least) i have held a certain disdain for them. Not too sure why.

I much prefer to walk around barefoot and w/ cargo shorts, than to wear sandals.

That’s all changing for good. A few months ago, i was looking at sandals, anything that would appeal to me—you know, not rubbery or that old person look, with the weird looking Jesus straps; they had to be of some wood-looking or leathery variety, that whole earthy aesthetic, but stylish (if that makes sense lol). I wanted to be like an ascetic, but just w/o the whole religious undertones and looking too dirty lol.

And, of course, Kickstarter came to the rescue: i found a project from an American company, Vere, which is working diligently on infusing our country w/ its own home-grown products—no more importing materials and outsourcing production. I’m all for helping out American companies!

There are several choices for the Vere sandals, but i only really like the Al (Dark Brown) sandals. They look pretty snazzy, and fit with my wearing-linen-on-a-beach-look lol.

What’s cool about certain pledge levels is that i will be able to have them personalized! I think i want them to say either “macario.james” or “everything is relative.” Not sure yet. I have time, though, so no need to decide right away.

Hopefully, i’ll have them in time for April/May: when the warmth comes back to New York, and i can prance (yes, prance, like a reindeer!) around.

Here’s to “doing it live!” (Video will pop-up in Lightbox window.)

I’m out. Thanks for reading 🙂


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