French film, joyeux bordel

I love the French language—it’s hella sexy—so although this project was already fully-funded with over a week remaining by the time i found it, i had to still pledge something.

A young French woman sits by her window smoking a cigarette and ponders her favorite shape: “The triangle is a lover.” “Joyeux Bordel” follows three veteran flâneurs who spend their lazy days exactly how they please only to learn that excess has consequences.

Plus, from the description, i’m all about excesses and that bohemian life lol—truly a Joyeux Bordel, which translates into “happy mess.”

Either way, i’m not too sure what the film will truly entail because of the very terse description, but the trailer intrigued me, especially since it’s in black and white. Not sure i agree with the woman’s statement that circles are “dumb” and “selfish.” I like circles. And, too bad that $50 reward was too steep for me at the moment; i would love to have a DVD copy lol. Oh well.

Be sure to check out Joyeux Bordel. Thanks for reading!

I’m out.


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  1. I iike circles too! Never thought about triangles iike that…interesting.

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