tagli.us, a new social alternative to delicious


Two days before my post about never having to forget a link again w/ trunk.ly, i pledged to tagli.us. The goal of this project was to be an alternative to the hospice-residing delicious bookmarking service.

Combining bookmarking and social networking, tagli.us aims to fill a void. It seemed great at the time, but after learning about and using trunk.ly, tagli.us seems a little too late. At least on “paper.”

The biggest thing it has going for it is its much larger list of sites with which it will play nice. Right now, trunk.ly only grabs links from Facebook, delicious and Twitter, while tagli.us lists close to a dozen popular services.

Check it out, though. Maybe it’ll have some features setting it above and beyond its competition.

As usual, thanks for reading! And be sure to check out other Kickstarter projects i like.

I’m out.