entrepreneurs … must read this book: Rework

Rework by Jason Fried (37signals) & David Heinemeier Hansson

Counter-intuitivism has never been this appealing or enlightening.

Urging someone to listen to uncommon advice and tips would normally be considered crazy talk, but in Rework, the approach and delivered goods are well worth the look on the naysayers’ faces when you’re successful from heeding said advice.

Jason Fried, co-founder of 37Signals, the company that brought us online productivity and project management software, Basecamp and other business tools, along with David Heinmeier Hansson, have crafted a book filled with unorthodox advice with the sole purpose of increasing productivity, while derailing inactivity and wasted energy.

From burgeoning entrepreneurs and weathered corporate managers alike, to non-profit organizers and indy record label execs, this book works for all types of folks as a new approach to obtaining the same goal: success, and its myriad of definitions each individual and collective holds true.

The worst interruptions of all are meetings. Here’s why:

  • They’re usually about words and abstract concepts, not real things.
  • They usually convey an abysmally small amount
    of information per minute.
  • They drift off- subject easier than a Chicago cab
    in a snowstorm.
  • They require thorough preparation that most
    people don’t have time for.
  • They frequently have agendas so vague that nobody is really sure of the goal.
  • They often include at least one moron who inevitably gets his turn to waste everyone’s time with nonsense.
  • Meetings procreate. One meeting leads to another meeting leads to another . . .

Rework is about re-thought: seeing things in a new light. It may work totally for one person. Or somewhat for another. Regardless of which occurs for you, discussion will be had.

A quick, smooth read, mainly because of the illustrations strewn throughout and the straight-to-the point language, the ideas planted at lunchtime or before bed, will sprout buds before your next meeting.

And, if the authors’ goal is met, it will be your last.

Besides the above snippet, please check out the 19-page PDF of excerpts and illustrations below (it’s embedded into the page).

You can also right-click then save as, if it loads slowly.

Thanks for reading. I hope this book is beneficial to you as it was for me.

I’m out.


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