writers, photographers look: 25 short stories project

I’m a big fan of @Kickstarter! They have kick ass projects. I love books. I’m a writer. An emerging one at that.

Combine those ingredients, and you’ll understand why i fell in love with Avery Anthology’s 25 Short Stories Project and pledged to fund.

I’ve embedded the project’s video below, but in case you’re on a Flash-less phone and can’t view it, here’s the skinny:

For the past four years, Avery has scoured America in search of short stories from “emerging artists” to publish in an anthology. They’ve been able to publish over ninety projects, but were looking to expand, to continue to shine light on the diamonds in the dark.

They eventually came up with the idea to publish stories (and now photographs) from 25 cities. Some of the cities are popular, some not as well-known.

Avery Anthology's 25 Cities Project

The stories must center around one of the specific cities. Originating from or currently living in the city is not a requirement, but the stories’ central locale must be one of the 25 cities.

Already, 35 submissions have been received, and after only two weeks in, the project is currently at 50% of its crowdfunding goal, thanks to its 19 backers. The deadline is March 5th, so you have plenty of time to pledge funds or submit material.

^_^ Anything is helpful.

I’m thinking of submitting a short story i’m working on, or well, one that i was working on a couple of years ago: it takes place in Seattle, revolving around a struggling, unpublished writer. And, before you ask: Nope, i’ve never been to Washington State, but i love the infamous backdrop of its most known city: rain and gloomy.

Maybe i’ll post a preview of the story to see if it has some legs, even if they are wobbly and not strong enough to walk yet. It could be fun.

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Thanks for reading—as usual.

I’m out.