day 009 – inspirational paragon

Continuing the usage of my neologism “inspirational paragon,” this is a photo of my boy, Pino’s, current blog, where he is standing next to a larger than life, yet it’s aptly sized given life accomplishments, head sculpture of “arguably the greatest President this country has ever seen,” Abraham Lincoln.

This picture was perfect since Pino came by my crib on Wednesday to go over the redesign of his blog. Being a fellow bibliophile and writer, i was more than happy to assist. I think of it as returning a favor from several years back: he taught me how to speed read. Now, if i actually employ the skill today, is a different question entirely. Lol.

Whenever i hear of or see anything related to Abe Lincoln on the Web or even in real life, i’ll immediately think of Pino and will send him the link or snap a photo of a book about Honest Abe (i did this at Strand bookstore in Union Square a few months back).

The new design will continue to have a minimalistic aesthetic and will also tie in his current banner, an amalgamated photo of him and Abe, as well as a bold color palette (anyone who knows Pino, knows he loves the zany colors).

Ralph "Pino" Fornoles & his inspirational paragon, Abe Lincoln

It’s going to be a good project, especially since he’s essentially given me carte blanche, with only the above must-haves. That’s what i like. Trusting a designer, whether its graphics, web or interior, is a must. Look forward to the design to be completed within the next few weeks.

In the interim, be sure to subscribe or at least browse the current iteration at He’ll be posting as usual while the design is finished.

All right, i’m out.

Thanks, as usual, for reading!