day 008 – i love biographies

Piper Perabo bka Annie Walker (Covert Affairs)

It’s been a couple of days since i posted, but today i will catch up with my 365 Days project. I have been faithful, however, with snapping a photo day, but just like earlier in the week, i’m behind the actual write-ups. Sue me: it’s the American pastime. Lol.

Anyway, i chose the image above for the main entry because it was a cool surprise. That’s Piper Perabo, better known as Annie Walker from the hit new TV series, Covert Affairs (spies rule!), and Jersey from Coyote Ugly. I was watching one of my favorite shows, House, and she popped on screen. I was like, “Oh shite! Annie Walker.” According to the Wiki, it’s from ’07.

It got me thinking: it’s always interesting to see the beginnings of someone’s life and career, especially with thespians since their biographies aren’t written until much later in their careers, if even, and Wikis don’t truly count, so their filmographies serve as a visual timeline.

I love biographies (favorite genre!), especially autobiographies, so anything resembling either, perks me up. I love insight into understanding a person, to reliving their experiences, good times and travail. For me it serves as both second-hand knowledge and a quasi-intimacy with that figure. Even in an increasingly digital world, socializing is still paramount, just in a new way. Look at all of the social networks springing up (and fading, too): we are looking to connect, reconnect and then re-reconnect some more with friends, family, relatives and coworkers.

Semi-gaudy Red (Leather?) Couch

The above image is a photo of this semi-gaudy couch in one of the Dean’s offices. Sorry for the poor quality photo; it’s another BlackBerry pic. If i had any reason to buy an iPhone 4, it’d be only for the camera: it’s sick!

Anyway, i love leather (that is leather, right?) and it being a maroon, burgundy-ish red, all the better. (Remember, men and women see the color wave spectrum differently, plus my eyes aren’t as great as they used to be for anything but on-screen staring at monitors for years. Lol. So, once again, no bickering over the exact colors.)

Back from the tangent: However, the gold? Eh. That’s where that gaudiness comes in.

I’ve inherited a dislike for anything gold from my mother. She hated it. Silver all day in our household.

The couch interested me, though, because it showed how something that was aesthetically pleasing to me, could be tarnished by something so small, an afterthought it seems for the seams. It’s akin to “pretty” or “beautiful” people who have shitty attitudes. Or have some other “flawed” personality trait or idiosyncracy that takes away from the total package. Crazy how that works out.

The devil is in the details, so it’s said. The little things. Always the little things.

Aaaaaaand, with that, i’m out.

Thanks for reading (as usual!). Should be day 009 coming along with this. Depends on how fast i can write it up on my lunch break.


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