day 007 – Bohemian Fashion

So, yesterday while on a quest for some new boots, which i didn’t ultimately buy, i bought a sweater and blazer for $20! (I’m a very frugal shopper, only buying on sale or thrift stores!) I didn’t feel like trying on the blazer or sweater since i was strapped for time. Maybe i should have. Today when i tried it on, i noticed that the sleeves were short. After looking, i saw that the blazer was tailored—not a difficult thing to undo. So, with nail clipper in-hand (i haven’t been able to find my scissors for the past two weeks; i should really straighten up my crib), i removed the stitching.

Blazer i copped for $10!

The blazer was still too short in the arms. Not too much, though. I’ve worn short blazers before. However, what was odd about this blazer was the buttons. I had a slight suspicion even when i first picked up the blazer that it looked a little feminine. Something about it was off. The buttons were on the opposite side; they were on the right side. Many people are surprised to find this out, but men and women’s clothing button on opposite sides. Same goes for belts. Men, we put the belt hoop, traditionally, through the left, counter-clockwise; women through the right side, clockwise. Buttons on our clothing are normally located on the right. So, when i went to button the blazer, my fingers instinctively tried to button, but were surprised.

Great. The sleeves are short. And the blazer is a women’s blazer. But, it doesn’t look like one. Without an inspection, or being aware of clothing construction, no one will know. Unless, of course, they read ME. Lol ::shrugs::

I’m wearing this blazer tonight at Tropix. Eff. That. ^_^

Bohemian fashion. As long as there are no overly feminine, floral patterns or sequins, generally, it’s all fair game. Well, except for skinny jeans. That’s too much even for me. Lol.

As usual, thanks for reading.

I’m out.


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