day 006 – cigarettes and alcohol

Nope, i didn’t fail already for the 365 project. Lol. I took a photo last night, but didn’t feel up to writing. As you can see by the excited poses, it is from a bar during the Jets-Patriots game!

The alcohol embargo i put on my body lasted only a fortnight. It was a last minute decision to be around people again, but a good one since it ended up being a jovial night at the expense of the Patriots! I feel bad for the lone jersey-wearing Patriots fan, surrounded by drunken Jets fans. He was jeered and mocked by all throughout the night and, of course, at the conclusion of the game (and, yup, i was part of it lol; i’m horrible, i know).

One of my favorite bartenders was there, but she didn’t hook me up on beers (boo, Paige). I was utterly dismayed. She’s only up there because she’s nice lol. At least my favorite tender was there, but not working, so he hooked up me up with a Jager bomb. Good stuff.

Cheese Fries
Don’t these look immaculate?

A night at Social is never complete without running into one of my good friends, Nigel and his beau, before they jaunted to Atlantic City, as well as consuming my go-to sustenance for minimizing the beer effects. These cheese fries are ambrosia; probably my favorite item on the menu, well, next to the hot wings.

The only not-so-good thing of the night was my pesky, nasty habit of smoking the lovely cancer sticks. It’s fitting that i’m a social smoker at Bar Social. If i have a couple of beers in me, or wine, and i smell cigarette smoke, i feel like Monterey Jack from Chip n Dale’s Rescue Rangers. Lol. I must have one. It’s horrible, i know, so spare me the nagging of it being bad for me. Blah blah.

My affinity for it has to assuredly be due to being around cigarette smokers my whole life: my mother quit when i was around 7 or so; my father has smoked as long as i’ve known him lol; my grandparents and uncles and aunts on my father’s side growing up were all smokers and probably still are. Plus, being in college for a million years, having frequented the bars the whole time, i’ve grown accustomed to it, and is a residual effect. It’s interesting, though, when i think about smoking sober, it makes me cringe.

This post is scheduled for 2:22am so it will be after i visit Tropix tonight (for the first time!) for wings and drinks with some friends (::waves at Anna::). They have, i believe, 25 cents wings and cheapo beers (yes!).

Should be a good night. I wish i had off tomorrow, too.

Well, i’m out. My ride is here. Time to end my affair (for the night) with cigarettes and alcohol.

Thanks for reading ^_^

I’m out.


P. S. Oh, and thank you Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. for all you accomplished and fought on our people’s behalf. It’s of the utmost sadness that you were taken from us at such a young age. Happy Birthday.