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I’ve found it interesting when people are surprised that i blog. A few folks only know that i’m a designer and/or a computer technician. They aren’t aware that i’ve been writing for years, published while in high school, and am finishing up my Creative Writing BA. This is actually the second iteration of Mental Ephemera. I took a break for a little over a year, recently starting fresh.

So, i guess this post came out of that somehow: i asked myself, why?

I blog mainly to hone my craft. If i have written works in the public domain (not the copyright one), i have a higher sense of accountability. People are said to learn and understand more when they attempt to teach their knowledge; i believe by blogging, i will increase my own understanding. It gives me an outlet to hash out my thoughts and beliefs, to confess my criticisms and concerns, as well as gauge potential audience acceptance and attention.

When I was in my late teens, around 17 or 18, my mother constantly told me i should look to express some of the knowledge i possessed, that constantly intaking everything was fine and dandy, but she wondered when was i going to share it with others?

Why, I asked? They can learn themselves, as i did, i added. She gave that smile only a mother could, with a slight, almost imperceptible shake of her head, and retorted that sharing could be beneficial, that I should trust her, that it would bring a new light to the facts i knew and the books i read. She said to (and taught) me no one could take away my knowledge, so i shouldn’t be afraid or apprehensive. I didn’t fully understand, but i listened to her and digested it. I always did and still do.

My mother knew what she was doing: she planted a seed, one that grew into trees, with ever deepening roots, limbs stretching up and outwardly exploring other avenues of academic pursuit i’d yet to give much, if any, thought.

And, as i got older, i began to understand more of what she meant. It’s humorous to me now, but she had suggested preaching at one point. Even then, with my infantile agnostic beliefs, i had other thoughts, those of professorial pursuits, instead. They remain with me still.

Coming up to present day, the topics i cover are chosen because they will be, in some way, part of the books i’m currently writing (ever so slowly lol) or plan on writing; they are subjects about which i’m passionate.

Writing has been a mainstay quelling agent for stress or trepidation; same goes for reading: i’m able to lose myself in them, they’re veritable escapes; but they’re also assets i use in other areas of my life, be it school or career.

Blogging is my sandbox. It helps me to not only write, but to design and code. I like to be my own personal guinea pig, and am not shy about trying different things.

I’m interested in the way visitors navigate a website and consume the material; how they search for topics on a given page; and whether the site is easily accessible content-wise. Although i’m gearing up for a drastic redesign of this blog, feel free to suggest anything to make the browsing more comfortable. I’m always open to opinions and thoughts.

I wonder if other bloggers have similar reasons. I should search my Twitter #publishing/writing list for reasons why people blog. Could turn up some interesting reads.

I’ll keep you posted. ‘Til then.

Thank you for reading.


3 thoughts on “why i blog

  1. Can we get a post elaborating on your “infantile agnostic beliefs?”

    1. yeah, definitely. But, basically, around that age they were just growing; i was thinking more outside of the box of being around my mother and grandmother, and their Christian beliefs. They never forced anything on myself or my brother, but still w/ that being the only thing i was around daily growing up, it had an influence.

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