day 005 — humans, we’re small creatures

A second consecutive day using my BlackBerry for the photo. Didn’t come out too badly. I’m on my way back to New York. Last bus from Philly. I love this time of night because the bus is rarely packed, so i can sit by myself ::dances::.

The relative solitude allows me to keep my bag from off the nasty floor and to be more comfortable jotting down notes. I need room to type on the laptop; helps me to stave off carpel tunnel. Ha.

My usual hideout until pickup

Grand halls like this always leave me in a slight sense of awe. The prowess and mathematics it takes to construct architecture like this are amazing. The amount of bodies that can stand on end to reach the top is incredible (yes, weird thoughts of measurement i have lol). I wonder what it was like to build the Pyramids.

Structures of this magnitude also incite within me thoughts of how infinitesimally small us humans are relative to the grand scheme of things; of how tiny we are compared to not only the sky above, but the vast universe outside of our atmosphere.

Akin to Gulliver’s Travels, we’re mere peons to our Brobdingnagian world and universe. The scope of the waters of the Earth is majestic, but horrifying. When i have thoughts of there being a God or gods and goddesses, spirits or other such deities, it is only because i didnt, nor any other human being, construct all of this. There is something greater than us. This doesn’t mean i’m wont to believe in personal instruction or meddling with our lives by the gods, however; i don’t believe in divinity in that way. But, i do recognize that there is something greater, something beyond my or anyone’s imagination or intellect. The design, even if not meticulously concocted, is boggling.

All of this, all of these thoughts, the lambently scrawling fingers on this keyboard typing away these words, came from this photo. It’s a microcosm of everything external.

I’m glad i took it. I’m glad i could share it with y’all.

Thanks, as usual, for reading.

I’m out.


P. S. Happy (tad bit early) Founders’ Day to my lovely Sorors of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., especially my baby.

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