The Loving Story: tears welled in my eyes watching this

The video below is the trailer for an upcoming film, The Loving Story, by Elisabeth Haviland & James and Nancy Buirski, about the Supreme Court case of Loving vs. Virginia, contesting the legality of miscegenation (interracial cohabitation or marriage).

The film project is currently in the final days of funding at Kickstarter, the “largest funding platform for creative projects in the world.” Although it’s been around for a few years, i hadn’t found a project that resonated and compelled me to pledge funds.

Until now.

Being of mixed heritage and a firm believer in the rights of the individual, the upcoming film hits squarely home. Without the allowance of my parents to commingle, i, nor my brother, would be alive today.

The Loving Story
The Loving Story by Elisabeth Haviland James/Nancy Buirski

I think the image i grabbed speaks volumes: Felony, Interracial Marriage.

I was first introduced to this case in 2009 by my frat brother, who invited me to attend the annual Loving Day celebration in New York (events are held throughout the country and on various dates). It was wonderful to see hundreds of other products of mixed parents, as myself, and supporters of equal rights for all and the spread of love for humanity. The attendees weren’t just Black and White progeny, but i met a Norwegian-Chinese man, a Japanese and Black woman, and other assorted combinations. It was grand, to say the least. Having attended the past two celebrations, i look forward to being present at the 2011 event.

I take very seriously the rights of the individual; i believe wholeheartedly in free will, in allowing one’s own creativity, imagination, opinions, conscience and desires, amongst all other choices to roam free, baring in mind that others are given that same liberty; undermining or limiting someone else is prohibited. It is a principle that i hold steadfast, and i cannot bare or standby if it’s attacked.

With that said, i also love history, i love my people, i love my country, and i love humans as a whole, but i know that we have faltered when it comes to many things, anti-miscegenation is one of them. It hurts to see or know that people have been denied the option of and to love; that they’ve been denied relationships because of ignorance and myopic rationale, not to mention fear and uncalled for and misguided hate.

I hope to spread the word of not only the Loving Story film, but also awareness of Loving Day and the continued triumph of choice and love.