day 003 – Mental Ephemera Redesign

This will be a relatively short post as i wrote enough for the day about an hour ago lol.

I was up until around 2:30am last night designing version 3.0 of Mental Ephemera. All week it was bugging me. I finally decided to just sit down and knock it out. I blame it on the simple elegance and content focus of Apricot Tea. Why did i have to stumble upon that site? Lol. I’ll never know, i’m sure, but what i do know is that it was the muse for 3.0. And, I think it came out well.

Mental Ephemera ver 3.0
Version 3.0 of Mental Ephemera (mock-up)

It will be a three-column design, with both the left and right columns fixed, while the middle column scrolls. I wanted a design that kept navigation and other posts on-screen at all times. I love the floating sidebar feature like on Mashable, but i didn’t want to have to use AJAX or JavaScript to create that effect. This design will be all CSS and HTML. Simple. Look at ME’s current sidebar to see an example.

It’s odd that since i made the temporary switch to a black, blue and white color scheme, i’ve loved it. I don’t want much red in the scheme. First time in two versions. There go my mercurial tastes again. Smh. I think i will style some links red, probably those inside the posts, so at least i’ll have some smattering of my favorite color on the site.

I think the new design fits well with what i am trying to accomplish: clean, semi-minimalistic, and focused on the important thing, content. Let me know what you think of the Mental Ephemera redesign.

I hope to start coding this upcoming weekend, most likely Sunday night or Monday throughout the day as i’m off from work in observation of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday. Wish me luck!