day 002 -above average pain tolerance

For whatever reason(s), i’ve had a nagging headache throughout the day; hence, my immaculate photo of my 500mg Duane Reade brand “Pain Relief.” These caplets have been instrumental to keeping me sane over the past year (maybe longer) when headaches pop out of thin air.

Today’s headaches were probably caused by stress, most likely from an nagging client who is more mercurial about their project than i am with Mental Ephemera’s design. Being bugged during my off (snow) day isn’t what i’d describe as leisurely productivity. I ate well and drank sufficient amounts of water yesterday and today, so that has to be it. Hmm … anyway ….

Photo by macario.james

I think i have an above average pain tolerance being that i have over a dozen tattoos located on major, discrete parts of my body, and three brands (yes, burnt flesh).

However, when it comes to cranial pain, or whatever it’s medically characterized as, and i doubt it’s that since cranial means skull, i will do whatever to alleviate it immediately. Pain anywhere above my neck messes with my thinking, and i don’t find that appealing, at all.

I remember a couple years ago when i let my wisdom teeth grow in: i was in agony, popping prescribed 800mg pain killers Dr. House style (i love that show!). After about two weeks, maybe more, maybe less, i can’t recall for sure, i was back to normal, and with a full set of teeth to boot! I thought i was going to go insane. I couldn’t do anything; my mind was clouded with pain. I even thought about removing the wisdom teeth myself at one point. Ha, imagine that.

It’s pretty funny now that i think about it. I had insurance at the time, but i figured i’d listen to my mother’s general rule to hold on to my healthy teeth for as long as possible. When i was young, maybe 5 years-old, i had my front teeth removed because of calcium deficiency due to being a seven-month pre-mature birth. That, coupled with being miserable for several years at my parental situation, is the cause (i’m sure of it) of why i didn’t and still don’t smile in pictures. Smiling, a true one with full frontal teeth nudity, isn’t something i like to do for the camera. I smile charitably all the time in social settings or during conversations, but not in front of the camera; well, not without some catalyst, such as a joke or a compliment or something random.

Besides that reluctance to smile because of missing teeth, i don’t have any other abnormalities or any other such afflictions. From all of the commercials, advertisements and charities, i assume i’m one of the lucky ones; i never knew being premie was such a harrowing situation for a newborn. Glad i made it out alive and continue to trudge forward, twenty-six years later.

With the pain gone (i think that 2.5 hour nap midday helped, too), i am able to write this blog post, groove to Led Zeppelin’s discography and chow down on some junk food (Twizzlers, cheese doodles and Coke). While i indulge, i must get started on designing and coding this new client’s website. It’s for an amazingly inspiring film to be released nationally next month called Mooz-lum, which i actually wrote about several months ago.

The power of networking is never to be underestimated—nor is being in the same fraternity, Phi Beta Sigma, as the director of the movie, Qasim “Q” Basir.

Well, i’m out. See y’all tomorrow!