day 001 – importance of digital books, of all books

Photo by macario.james; Bohemia by Herbert Gold

This is the genesis of the My Life in 365 Days project. I wanted to start yesterday with a photo i snapped of some geese, but they didn’t strike me with inspiration, and after speaking to my father, i agreed the once-in-our-lifetime date of 01.11.11 was too good to pass up.

I love numbers, and although i’m not heavily into numerology, studying or believing it wholeheartedly, i do have a passive interest in numerical significance when it comes to people and history.

On to the photo: it’s of a book i received today, Bohemia by Herbert Gold. In my faltering quest to curtail my book-buying habits, i ordered it from Amazon a couple of days ago. I can’t exactly remember why i did, but it’s probably because i wanted to re-read one of my favorite books, Bohemian Manifesto, but i lent it to my girlfriend, so i can’t read it until the weekend. This is why i believe all books should have digital versions.

Without access to the book, i imagine my logic having followed this path:  just order another book on the same topic instead of purchasing a second copy. And it’s not that i’m against buying multiple copies of books; it’s that that book doesn’t fit with my growing interest in book collecting. As it stands right now, i am only interested in purchasing multiple copies of books that aren’t as widely in print, preferably from the 60s and prior.

The two books of great appeal to me right now are Huey P. Newton’s Revolutionary Suicide (it was a rare, banned book up until 2006) and Nikki Giovanni’s Sacred Cows… And Other Edibles. The latter book i collect so i can give them as gifts to friends and family. I absolutely love it. The former is the seminal tome on the beginnings of The Black Panther Party of Self-Defense, as well as an autobiographical look at my fraternity brother, Huey P. Newton.

On my list of books to collect are anything by Walter White, James Weldon Johnson, poetry from the 1900s to 1950s, and books by authors from the Beat Generation. I also need to purchase a copy of Andy Warhol’s Diaries since the copy i read was from the university library, which i couldn’t mark it up, an inconvenience being an overzealous annotator.

Moving to the side, away from books: i’m toying with the idea of publishing all of my posts at a set time of day. My father suggests the time i was born (5:55am), while i’m thinking 2:22pm since 2 is one of my favorite numbers, although, since i prefer military time, 2:22pm would be 1422, thus screwing up the flow.

Hmm. Maybe i’ll use both. If something is written before 2:22pm, it’s scheduled 2:22pm; if it’s written after 2:22pm, it’ll be published at 5:55am. Or, i could just go for 0021 (12:21am) or 2100 (9pm) being that 21 is my favorite number. Yeah, maybe that’ll work. We’ll see how this pans out. Any suggestions?

Oh, and in case you start seeing some weirdness going on with the layout and aesthetics of the site, don’t be alarmed; i’m working on a total redesign, so you may see some changes for now.

Well, i’m out. Need to get some stuff done even though i have a day off tomorrow because of the impending snow storm. Clients and their projects never cease. *sigh*


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  1. LOL The title of that book might as well say “Macaroni.” It is so you.

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