with AppleTV, there’s little need for cable

I don’t own a TV. I haven’t for about a year and a half now. Even when i did, i barely watched it or played videogames (sadly, another pastime that fell by the wayside).

Throughout 2010, i accrued a renewed interest in TV thanks to some awesome shows, like Mad Men, Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, NCIS, House, Covert Affairs and Leverage.

With the proliferation and adoption of all things Internet-based, i’ve been able to stream these TV shows and movies (projectfree.tv is my go-to site).

Our digital times are always changing for the better. With the latest version of AppleTV, it’ll be even easier to stream the shows I want. And, for those of us who pay for cable or satellite TV, it’s a much cheaper alternative.

AppleTV has been around for a couple of years, but it wasn’t until the latest release that it piqued my interest. Now it has seamless integration with NetFlix. By purchasing the tiny, $99 set-top box, coupling it with a $7.99/month NetFlix subscription (free two-week trial), i’ll have at-will access to 1000s of movies and TV shows. And in HD. I may have to get a third LCD monitor lol.

The only worry i have is watching sports. Actually, I won’t have access to live anything–no news, no Congress streams; but not really a concern since i use Twitter for breaking news and anything else of magnitude is increasingly being streamed live on the web. No biggie. And, on top of that, there’s still Justin.tv and Sportshunter.tv for my NFL and NBA fixes.

Oh, can’t forget this: AppleTV can be streamed to iPad and iPhones. And there are already 3rd-party apps that allow any media from Mac or Windows machines to stream to AppleTV to your TV or LCD or whatever. Sick.

I have tentative plans to make the leap into AppleTV territory by the end of the month. For the foreseeable future, i figure it’s a less expensive and will be a more utilized investment than purchasing a Nook Color.