the Oxford English Dictionary is dead—long live the Oxford English Dictionary

I love words. Without shuddering from the dreaded “labeling,” i am a logo- and bibliophile. So when i heard the news, as reported by the NY Times and the Huffington Post, that there would be an imminent dem…transitioning of the Oxford English Dictionary from print and online versions to only the latter, i was immediately disheartened and worried.

I should rewind first.

Earlier this year, i came across the leather-bound version of the 20-volume set of the venerable Oxford English Dictionary, vowing i would be able to move it from my Amazon Wish List onto my actual bookshelves within the next 10-15 years. I figured that by the time i was 40, i better have that collection, or i would be a shameful shadow of a bibliophile.

Why so far in the future? The hardcover collection plus CD-ROM is expensive: as of today, it’s $1232.59. And, once it’s out of print, i know the collection will move to “rare” status, thus increasing the price tag.

A rare dictionary is the perfect marriage. This would actually be a good thing to a bibliophile: rare books and augmenting one’s library with such is the modus operandi. I look forward to that gem-seeking. Sorta.

Regardless of the future life form of the Oxford English Dictionary, i believe i will one day own whatever happens to be the final printed edition. Maybe, i’ll put it on the ubiquitous “bucket list.” Or, i could add a “donate now” button to the site in hopes charitable readers, family members or friends help me out lol. Nah. Not my style.

Anyway, i would love to hear from other book and word fiends—or lovers, whatever word you prefer 🙂