finding that writing sweet spot

Everyone is capable of writing.

I think many people are under the impression that there’s a secret code to doing so, some sort of arcane practice or rite of passage they must go through first.


You just need to find that writing sweet spot, that place where you feel most comfortable—and the medium that works for you.

For me, depending on what i’m writing, be it a poem or random thought or idea or notes on a book, i have a different location and medium for each. Well, usually. Sometimes, they all criss-cross and overlap; but i’ve figured out what works best for me, specifically for blogging.

Since i’m on the move more than not, i tend to use one of two digital mediums the most: the trusty BlackBerry’s MemoPad, which gets the brunt of the workload, usually poems and journal/diary entries, and on the MacBook (TextEdit).

When i’m home or at my job, i write things of various length and subjects on a PC, sticky notes (which end up plastered on my office and home walls), and in several Moleskine notebooks (usually personal stuff).

When it comes to writing for my blog, i find it very difficult—it really feels impossible, actually—to do so on anything but my MacBook. I’m not too sure what it is. It’s weird.

Being a Millenial probably has something to do with it: the smaller stature, digital medium feels closer to a physical notebook or pad. Any traditional writer understands the feeling of pen on pad, embracing and shunning ink stains on their fingers. With the MacBook (or maybe an iPad, has anyone tried?), it’s the perfect meshing of old school notebook size with software and hardware.

When i’m home sitting in front of my PC, which is primarily used for my graphic and web design projects, and i attempt to write a blog post, i lose focus and any motivation to write. The larger LCD monitors aren’t as intimate, they seem daunting, like some monolith i’m trying to overcome.

However, once i open my MacBook, i feel comfortable, at ease, and I’m ready to write. Everything flows. I can write blog posts or journal entries, papers or poems on it. The smaller screen allows for a tunnel vision of sorts—with a lack of visual real estate to distract me, i’m able to focus on the task.

As of right now, i have about two dozen blog posts in draft form. When i saw that number on the LCD, i became overwhelmed. It just seemed like so much. Now, though, on this smaller laptop screen, i’m not hit with a feeling of dread, but am able to take a breath and tackle some posts. I hope to have a few more finished by the end of day, so i can get back on my schedule of five posts a week.

I hope others can find their writing sweet spot:

Discover that perfect bean bag position for your butt, grab that netbook or iPhone and fire up Documents to Go or bust out your Bic Velocity Gel (0.7mm) pens and legal-ruled notepad.

Regardless of what you use, make sure you start writing!