my individualist manifesto, of sorts—more a personal declaration

Here lie meandering thoughts along pathways unlaid by others, but known to me nonetheless My goal in life, my destiny (eh), if you will, is to be a bastion, a paragon, the utmost shining example of an individualist—to continue the lionization of individuality and individualism. This is my individualist manifesto, of sorts. Apparently, i scream… Read more of: my individualist manifesto, of sorts—more a personal declaration

Roadmap for 2012

Driver’s license—yes, making strides so ensure it’s a reality this year: started looking up driving schools in my neighborhood. Contemplating doing a coast to coast road trip, and I want to be able to contribute more than just gas and tolls with whomever joins me lol. Even thinking about creating a new site (or tumblr) to document… Read more of: Roadmap for 2012

Achilles’ Last Stand

Sometime during the beginning of March (when i originally started this piece), i got kicked in the ass—by my Father, with words. I’m not a degenerate. I’m no lackey. I’m not a youngin (relative, of course) who needs (or likes to) be told what i should or should not to do. My friends and family all… Read more of: Achilles’ Last Stand

Filling a need (i hope): i’m creating a WordPress theme & plugin for scholars

During my continual galavanting across the Interwebs in search of cool shit, i’ve yet to come across a WordPress theme (or plugin!) that is both aesthetically conducive and appealing to a particular lot (such as Manifest), as well as possessing functionality of traditional standalone software that could be used by writers, editors, or librarians; basically… Read more of: Filling a need (i hope): i’m creating a WordPress theme & plugin for scholars

Autodidacticism, hello friend.

People ask questions but rarely seek answers. There’s a timidity when it comes to knowledge. Fear not, it won’t bite. Seeking own knowledge—the path of autodidacticism—will thaw the frozen ascetic within, inflamming a mental tazmanian devil, ready to devour tomes and submerge itself in the wells of experiences. Moving nomadically, each new desire allowed to… Read more of: Autodidacticism, hello friend.

Personal Book Embargo

I have to do this. It’s a necessary evil, a vital push towards chopping down this never-ending tree that sprouts books as fruit. I need to do this. Mantra! Lol. For 2012, i’ve decided to place an embargo on my book purchasing—with two caveats: one, i have six get out of jail free cards, which… Read more of: Personal Book Embargo

Individuals have power, too—not just gods

Far too many times people use (g)God(s) or religion as a crutch more than as a springboard. Owning up to one’s prowess and greatness takes courage. Dr. Cornell West maintains that it takes courage “to love,” “to have faith,” “to hope,” and other such actions and held beliefs (Terence Blanchard’s Choices, “Winding Roads”). Well, not being… Read more of: Individuals have power, too—not just gods

Stream of Conscious #0010: Sitting cross-legged in public—on the floor

The comings and goings of hundreds of legs all with destinations unknown to those unattached is a remarkable spectacle to behold. Copping a squat in the busiest or lonliest of places in public on the floor is a pastime, an act saved for the comfortable, uncaring or tired. Falling into all three types, not sure… Read more of: Stream of Conscious #0010: Sitting cross-legged in public—on the floor

i told a stranger

Several months ago, i told a stranger of my continued loss of affection for New York̬how i couldn’t wait to leave. Except, i’d probably have to stay—it would be the smart thing to do, financially and professionally—for a few more years, at least. I’ll admit, she wasn’t really a stranger, actually, but might as well… Read more of: i told a stranger

weird, random sh*t i want to buy–a wishlist of sorts

My random mind spews out, becomes infatuated with, and utterly boggles the bejesus out of me with its various desires. Usually, though, they’re not just ephemeral, pleasure-only seeking gadgets or trinkets, but actually worthwhile products or investments as i’d like all my purchases to be. Too many times i purchase short-lasting balms (e.g. alcohol and… Read more of: weird, random sh*t i want to buy–a wishlist of sorts

slow dancing in a burning room

Life is veritably—if one believes in myths as truth, as monuments—a candle slowly, painstakingly, unbeknownst and unheralded or conspicuous, burning. Each of our predominately phallic wax statuses is ever-inching towards finality—we will come to the placeholder one day, dust, ash, wax, everything asunder. The key is to recognize the inevitable iceberg. Once approached and landed… Read more of: slow dancing in a burning room

science fiction + poetry: two loves, one outlet:

While browsing the Writing & Publishing section of Kickstarter, i was captivated by the gypsy-like illustration for what turned out to be a project for sci-fi and poetry magazine, Basement Stories. I was very happy to receive an email that i was able to help kickstart this project, one combining two of my loves, poetry… Read more of: science fiction + poetry: two loves, one outlet:

friends are good

Coinciding with a recent discontinuation of intimacy, i’ve been embracing and uncovering the need for close friends. A great convo the last week w/ my good, good friend @StephSwinton (kickass birthday gathering!), nudged me through the blogging door for this post. During our exchange, i remarked to her my realization that friends aren’t a bad thing.… Read more of: friends are good