i don’t like phone calls

What people don’t know or if they already know, don’t seem to fully get: i don’t like phone calls. Not any. Well, okay, let me explain that a little bit: i don’t like unsolicited phone calls. I prefer phone calls treated as if they were emails: i want to know the subject beforehand. I want to know what i’m getting into before i get on the phone. It’s like reading a book without glancing at the back or inside cover, watching a movie without seeing the trailer or given a blurb of what’s (or who’s! lol) about to go down.

I don’t like phone calls because they tend to be too long—anything more than five minutes i don’t believe is necessary. (I have this same rule when it comes to meetings. Yes, plugging my ReWork review right now. Sue me.) The only time i don’t mind ’em, well, i can tolerate ’em, is when they’re from my job because then i know 99.5% of the time they will be work-related: a user is calling to complain, or a coworker has a quick question about something i just worked on or i know a fix for. That’s fine. There’s a long-standing subject already, even if it’s not always the same, giving me a general idea of what i’m getting into.

Caveat and/or loophole: these rules don’t really matter when it comes to my mother, father or grandma calling me, and if my brother actually has a phone, he’s on there, too, along with a significant other by default: usually if they’re calling, something is important or dire, which the latter i hope is rarely ever the case. If mother calls, depending on the time of the day, i worry right away, even if not full-blown panic, because i never know if it’s something tragic or bad that’s happened. Take for instance two years ago when i had just met my brother for some drinks, like literally within 30 seconds of saying, “Wattup,” mom called, shocking us with the news that our cousin was shot—it wound up killing him, the third person i knew that year to be murdered senselessly. These types of phone calls are dreadful. Don’t wish them upon anyone.

The uber positive or happy, ecstatic, i just won Powerball, or the utterly devastating, tragic phone calls are the categories that call for vocal communication—the emotions and urgency are needed. Everything in the middle can be sent via digitally printed missives—shoot, send me a telegram (do they still do those?).

Back to the unsolicited calls: when friends or frat bros or unknown numbers call me, i am prone to not pick up unless i know with certainty what the conversation will be about. If said number or person calls back-to-back, then i’ll pick up. I hope they send a text after the first call, however.

Phone calls get in the way of my multitasking: being on the phone ties my hands and mind up. I have to give said person pretty much my full attention. This reminds me of the scene in The Social Network when a lawyer asks Zuckerberg if he deserves Zuckerberg’s full attention, whereby Zuckerberg honestly answers, “No,” and only because he doesn’t want to “perjure himself.”

Another loophole is with a lover—no, wait. More than that: a potential girlfriend or someone i’m heavily digging—she gotta be heavy, man! (Lol.) The whole courting or whatever on the phone is cool—but i definitely am not for the high school-esque two or three hour or longer conversations. Not on the phone at least. Skype or OoVoo is a different story. I can still do other things at the same time. It all comes back to multitasking!

And you know what, ringing phones make my skin crawl; it irks the shit outta me. This reaction has to come from somewhere deep-rooted, probably because while growing up in my house my mother hated em, so i grew to despise them, too. The fact that once we got caller id i was wont to not pick up anything that wasn’t for me, so the phone would ring incessantly—i’d let the voicemail or answering machine get it. I guess that has managed to stick along for the ride into today’s realm. Definitely. Possible remedy for this? Google Voice transcription of voicemails is great, but, i don’t really use my GVoice number so it’s kind of a wash on that front. Oh, well.

So yeah. That’s it in a nutshell.

Safe bet when attempting to contact me: email, Twitter DM, Facebook private message or wall post, text message, anything other than a phone call. It’ll save time and be faster. Plus, it’ll lower the chances of me being in a dour mood while we converse.

You know who you are if you’re exempt from all of this, though. This post isn’t for you—but those who don’t know. Lol!

my future reflected in birthmarks

Somewhere along my journeys i heard the spiritual theory that birthmarks signify how many lives one has lived—actual indicators of where one was killed previously. I would think, then, that if one was not murdered, but say had lung cancer or passed because of an heart attack, they would show up on the relative spot on the skin where said afflicted body part resided. But, that’s not important.

I’m not truly sold on the violent nature of the blemishes, but i do feed into the lives tallied inconspicuously through ubiquity idea.

More times than i can even think to count, i’ve thought about how many times i’ve been on this earth, how many encounters over the decades, maybe centuries, i’ve had to roll the dice.

Others, pretty much always women, have asked innumerably, as well, “Who are you?—how old are you?—how many lives have you lived?” Or, “I wonder when we last met.” And the thing with words is they all have to be unpacked, and more so when one is aware of tone and context; these inquiries weren’t survey fodder, application items, but deeper curiousity. And i truly dig it—i dig them—for i wonder, too. I usually answer with a smile or some other expression rather than anything vocal. I don’t have a direct, succint answer. There cannot be one—one rational or logical, at least. Even still: i’m always more interested in where we, whoemever it is, met rather than how long ago. Human nature doesn’t change much, just customs and societal rules, so i want to know how far i’ve traveled more than when. Wait, no. I’m lying. It’s a combination of both; i need to know where and when to understand the historical significance, to know if it was even possible. If i—we—am still the same aesthetically as before, with minor alterations, such as hair and possibly weight, anything that is variable normally, would i fit in that society during the time period; would i be ostracized or accepted? Hmm. Ponderments with increasingly doubtful answers.

A stone’s throw away (and this works since we’re talking about time!), a few-years-old dream was rekindled: to spontaneously hop on a train (think Amtrak) heading as far away for half a day’s trip, where i’ll scribe and scribe, hopefully producing a novella, at least a short story, hell, maybe an handful of blog posts or essays, during the jaunt there and back. I don’t want to tell anyone till i arrive at far off destination, only that i’m safe, i haven’t been abducted, and then not until i return, limbs intact. Don’t want anyone to know where i’ve gone. I don’t do well with the “ask” for permission thing. I will just bounce—a quasi-spontaneity. The goal being to write, to think. It’s a lust to wander in inconspicuous solitary. A modern-day ascetic journey.

It fits in with years long gone, of years antiquated: of Abraham Lincoln composing the Gettysburg Address; of Bro. James Weldon Johnson traversing the northeast to the South, poor, passing, thinking; of Whitman and Thoreau; of Atlas Shrugged, the personification, tranquility and tumult of burgeoning railroads, of pioneering; of the human spirit—always on the move. I want my future reflected in birthmarks. Prophetic, perhaps. Maybe.

Thinking about writing within the spaces of decades ago: of the Harlem Renaissance, of the Antebellum South, within the viewpoint of a woman, of a White man, of a Black single mother, of a chattel slave, of an indentured servant, of a Negro League player, of a tattooed native not unlike my current looks or decorated skin, of a god, a devil, an angelic demon.

Meandering thoughts through space, time and cultures; through thoughts, religions and desires.

I’ve been morbidly intrigued with and unafraid of death since a young child, signified by the passing away of my paternal grandfather, the only connection to another language, tagalog. I still remember that snowy day at his funeral—possibly my oldest memory of this life. I didn’t know until i was older that i spoke tagalog with him, one of the only to do so, since he didn’t speak English well, if really at all, save for curse words (like “nigger,” which he called my mother when she was pregnant with me; but that is not unexpected of i/emmigrants who are prone to learn the “names” and perjoratives of the underclass or sects and blocs of people in said country; though, no absolution, just point of reference. He did, however, grow to absolutely love and adore my mother once we, my brother and i, were born).

My mother nutured my life-long fascination unknowingly by continually talking about death arrangements, namely her funeral (buried like the Jews, within three days—do not keep her body out!). So, i’ve always known that nothing lasts forever, nothing physical at least, in one form for eternity.

With each passing year, possibly even months, more and more birthmarks—or, should i dub them life spots?—seem to sprout upon my body. Maybe there are so many that i don’t recall them being there since the beginning. Or, have they surfaced as i get closer or reach the various ages of my previous deaths? Or possibly, encounter something similar from before; maybe, learning a skill or having an epiphany: they’re like awards or achievements echoing centuries forward.

One of my favorite videogames, Planescape: Torment (for PC), which probably has the greatest story of all-time, focuses on The Nameless One, an immortal emblazoned with scars upon scars and tattoos upon tattoos (of course i instantly liked him). Each mark tells a story, signifies a memory, an encounter, a person, smell or experience. Every time he dies, he comes back alive days or hours later–sometimes weeks, even years. He doesn’t change bodies or appearance, however. His journey takes him through various spaces and times, dimensions and lands, all hinging upon figuring out the mystery, deciphering the clues, putting together the jigsaw while solving the rubix cube of why him. It’s a(n even more) sordid Momento.

The point of it all (Anthony Hamilton), ‘all’ being this post, is reflecting on the future through mirrors of the past. Is it possible? Not sure it matters. It does make for interesting, sober thoughts, though. How far to go? How little traveled?

I guess—i hope!—i’ll get to see, to know.

Achilles’ Last Stand

Sometime during the beginning of March (when i originally started this piece), i got kicked in the ass—by my Father, with words.

I’m not a degenerate. I’m no lackey. I’m not a youngin (relative, of course) who needs (or likes to) be told what i should or should not to do.

My friends and family all know that. However, pep talks and sermons from a parental are what i need at times—even when i dislike believing i do.

All that know me, know that i don’t like direction, or really “need” it from others.

Regardless of my path to get to the status and place where i stand—multiple precipices at once: it’s like, in my head, i’m standing on several platonic plates that can move in any direction at any given moment, with subtlety and/or with devastation, yet i’m cool with those prospects—i dislike anyone being an authoritative stance on things. Especially when it comes to me.

I’ve done much my whole life without solicited guidance. And, i say this with awareness and no disrespect to my mother, to my grandmother nor my aunt Gloria. I’m acutely keen and respectful, divvying out credit where all is due, for i despise dis- or miscredit for things, of what they’ve or anyone has attributed to my well-being and how they’ve laid down cornerstones for my psyche for life.

Throughout all levels of education, i journeyed along without much initiating influence and input from those older than me. I researched what i wanted, what i desired; i looked at what i liked and disliked about schooling and, due to familial circumstances (maternal health, economics and geographic location) sought some input.

However, i still maintained my voice and reasoning as the heaviest of the weights.

My fraternity brothers (the GREAT Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., Fall ’03, AAI) and my mother, especially, have often and recently remarked—as well as a few of my home girls, like Steph!—that i really don’t do a lot of things like others, that I’m “crazy,” that i truly dance to my own beated drum.

All told, with that independence and semi-acumen, i tend to leave too much on the table—i don’t live up to what i should be doing. And, a lot of that telling-off to me is unsaid. A lot of times it is said but i acknowledge and let it sit in the satchel of carried but discourage intuition and encouragement.

The conversation yesterday (this was back in March ’11, by the way) was really the opening of a genie for me—a veritable Pandora’s box, a proverbial kick in the rear.

My ears are always ringing: humming to sounds of blues medleys, lyrics, ballads, sensual jazz tunes, hypnotic rock and roll drums.

When i started writing this post, i was on the subway, traveling from the BX, on the 6, from my frat brother, James’s crib, and i was struck with the urge to write. I looked at my bare arms (well, to me), and was like, WTF, Mac? I saw the left arm, specifically, and thought, you need that new tattoo ASAP that you Tweeted about.

I knew I needed to scribe. I had been slacking.

Led Zeppelin’s “Achilles Last Stand” was the underlying backdrop to the writing barrage. The emotion, energy, and downright musicality of the track was the catalyst. I don’t care for lyrics really; well, i do, but i don’t memorize much. Weird, i’m sure, especially since i’m an English major and voracious reader, as well as lover of music.

I care more for overall syncopation and musicality than everything else. Unless, of course, the lyrical content is so blatantly demeaning, subpar, or atrocious—the case for a ton of the mainstream (radio, commercial) hip hop these days. I’ll not get into that right now, though.

One of the tattoos i want fulfills a very quiet desire: another Lenny Kravitz song, “Tunnel Vision,” that has stayed within the crevices of my thoughts since i learned the meaning behind the moniker in ’99: focus.

Focus was the crux of that conversation with my pops. I lack it. I’ve known and noticed my shotgun-esque take on life for years. I’m not blind nor oblivious. Yet, i know that without a dedication to singular tasks, my mercurial and polymath tastes and modus operandi will suffer. I love all and everything. The problem with it, however, is that since i have the means to indulge or, at least, experience most (if not all!) of those ephemeral or long-standing interests, i will do as i please—i will do everything and not care to see what’s new, what feels good, what’s bad–whatever.

I gotta change up some things. I think. And others think so, too. I’m not too sure what is the right course of action, yet—for me.

I’ve been afraid for a while to be part of the 27 Club. I’m near application age.

If i am so grand to be accepted into that infamous fraternity, i need to fulfill a prime requirement: doing things, something, grandly. I’m not there yet. I’ve only done a ton of mini things—all are local, personal, friendly and familial. There are a little over six months remaining for this process. Can’t believe it’s been that long.

For this terminal year (for an insane lot of people) i definitely want to restructure and reorganize my energy, my focus. Right now, as i approach the precipice of the year (i’m continuing this piece months later, and on the final day of it) i’m realizing that actions speak, words are pantomiming gestures at best.

Pulling from the title, i gotta make a stand. I hope it’s not a final one as it says, but if it is, if we are all to go come 12-ish months from now: damn, i hope whatever remnants are survivors, a speck of mine lasts.

We’ll see what happens. So, to the mythical and to the real: here’s to going for something, someone, to whatever is in our minds and hearts.



Filling a need (i hope): i’m creating a WordPress theme & plugin for scholars

During my continual galavanting across the Interwebs in search of cool shit, i’ve yet to come across a WordPress theme (or plugin!) that is both aesthetically conducive and appealing to a particular lot (such as Manifest), as well as possessing functionality of traditional standalone software that could be used by writers, editors, or librarians; basically those of the educational-minded ilk.

Even before gestation and birth, i’ve dubbed it Scholar. I’m thinking that Scholar should be both a standalone plugin (secondary goal) and a theme. The former is the most important aspect—basis is to use it to house all annotations from readings, books, magazines, journals, etc. Over the years i’ve taken an ungodly amount of physical (sticky notes!) and digital notes (why i will always love BlackBerry keyboards) on all types of writings, as well as annotated books but have yet to transpose them to a digital form, into a digital repository for easy access. Being a Millenial, i am all for cloud everything, for housing my various files on an innumerable amount of devices or platforms. I want everything at my fingertips and regardless of where i am without the burden of lugging tomes and papers around. My back couldn’t take it, first of all lol.

By creating a theme (and most likely a plugin) that’s all for the input, storage and accessing of a person’s favorite quotes and passages, mental scribbles about said items or overall reading, as well as other tools, such as concordance and frequency of themes and whatnot, i hope to give back to the writing and editing communities, in addition to the open source world that has a dear, dear place in my heart and mind—hell, it helped to shape some of my beliefs on culture, intellect and knowledge during my teen years.

Things I want to accomplish with Scholar:

  • an environment and repository for notes, drafts of articles, essays, books
  • searchable with advanced highlighting
  • footnote insertion
  • intuitive bibliography creation (MLA and ALA formats, maybe the Psychological one, too)
  • quotes with sources and pages, as well as breaking down a large passage, highlighting a smaller piece within said passage
  • open source. Giving back to GPL community i’ve used and embraced over a decade
  • HTML5 integration (the new HTML5/CSS3 book from PeachPit Press cannot come soon enough; Jan 4th! Doesn’t count towards my embargo, btw, since i pre-ordered it :-))
  • minimalist theme, focusing on the authors writings and research
  • concordance (first started because of The Bible, actually, and one of my favorite nerdy, scholarly things to see)

What spurred this?

Well, one of my past professors, Dr. Pasupathi, had used WordPress to house all of her writings—always having access to them being the main reason for her adoption and love of the service/platform. She could also store images and text, as well as videos. Further desire was an essay regarding Lupe Fiasco and the BPPSD i was tempted to write when the trailer promoting L.A.S.E.R.S was released almost two years ago—it would’ve incorporated footnotes and a bibliography, exact features i hope to be able to have in Scholar. Once this is complete, i plan on sending Dr. Pasupathi a missive telling her about the theme (and plugin! lol) that could potentially assist with her academician duties.

Right now, i’m thinking i’ll start this during the remaining 11 days i have of being off from work, as well as creating a quasi-schedule for each month. Milestoning has never been a strong suit of mine, however. Good thing for one of my new favorite web services/sites: Asana, created by one of the founding members of Facebook.

As i told someone recently who remarked it needs to be my “six word story”: i want to write, not work. And, that writing is definitely inclusive of code and not just literary words.

Here’s to my magnum opus of design and coding—the first big project of any substance since i wrote a Hangman Flash game for my school’s portal (back in ’04! lol).



letting go of the reins

There is an awakened consciousness allowed to holler from the rooftops when we engage in the practice of stream-of-consciousness writing. Our most uncelebrated thoughts are given a parade; we hand them the keys to the city; we rename City Hall after them.

To jettison the guards and trappings of calculated thought by putting pen to paper, scribbling down anything that comes to mind—for four straight minutes—is to enhance the understanding of self. No inhibitions. It’s a toxic non-toxic beverage. It’s a physical manifestation of unconscious thoughts.

Albeit, some may not want to unlock that dungeon, others will look forward with giddy excitement at unchaining that garden fence. It can be Limbo or Eden.

We will be none the wiser, though, until we pick up a pen or pencil or put our fingers on that keyboard and begin the pouring into the digital or physical goblets.

I’ve decided to take a sip of my own advice: i will be doing stream of consciousness posts. The first one should be posted along with this.

Get to scribbling—drink up. Tell us how it tasted.

no more unlimited online backups w/ Mozy smh

Dear Macario James,

Thanks for being a valued Mozy subscriber. For the first time since 2006, we’re adjusting the price of our MozyHome service and wanted to give you a heads up. As part of this change, we’re replacing our MozyHome Unlimited backup plan and introducing the following tiered storage plans:

50 GB for $5.99 per month (includes backup for 1 computer)
125 GB for $9.99 per month (includes backup for up to 3 computers)

You may add additional computers (up to 5 in total) or 20 GB increments of storage to either of the plans, each for a monthly cost of $2.00.

While this policy takes effect for new MozyHome customers starting today, your MozyHome Unlimited subscription is still valid for the duration of your current monthly term. In order to ensure uninterrupted service, you’ll need to select a new renewal plan.

As the leader in online backup, we’re committed to continually providing the highest levels of service and protection that you’ve come to expect from us as well as delivering those innovations you’ve been asking for. For more information on the factors that led to this change, please read my note or visit our FAQ.

That, my friends, is the email i received from Mozy about two weeks ago regarding the changes to their service.

Livid. Up in arms. Surprised. Are all apt to describe how i was feeling. I’m fine with paying a premium (within reason) for a great, even good service. But, with Mozy, that hardly was the case: often, my backups wouldn’t complete for days at a time (i had them scheduled daily at 4am) and they were very slow to upload my files to their servers. And, i only had about 400GB backed up!

So, i decided to look into their competitors. Surely, they couldn’t be as insensitive nor wouldn’t want to take a PR-drumming like Mozy has with their annoucements.

I found three alternatives: BackBlaze, Carbonite, and CrashPlan.

I added the yellow circular emphasis

My criteria was as follows: unlimited space, secure backups, $5-15/month, and allowance of video/music files backups. All three sufficed on the requirements. I decided on BackBlaze, though, for a purely superficial reason: i loved their site layout and aesthetics. Plus, their sticking-it-to-Mozy with the message (highlighted above) was awesomeness i couldn’t pass up.

It seems like BackBlaze is truly a top-notch service! I didn’t even begin to backup anything, but i was given a detailed breakdown of what BB would do for me (it’s below):

After excluded some duplicate folders (i just installed a new internal 2TB hard drive, and copied some files over), i’m going to have an initial backup of 1TB (that’s 1,000 GB or about 10 iPod classics lol). I look forward to reporting in the next few weeks how my initial backup fared, as well as if i run into the same issues as with Mozy.

I encourage everyone to sign up with an online backup solution. I’ve had several external HDDs die on me in the past few years, and it’s not fun to lose music, video and/or important documents or schoolwork.

Hope this was helpful. Thanks for reading 🙂

I’m out.


revolution truth (trailer for WikiLeaks movie)

This will be a very short piece only because i want it to reach the 2:22pm slot for today. It’s already 2:21pm lol. I saw this randomly on my Facebook news feed from WikiLeaks, which doesn’t have anything to do w/ the trailer below.

Anyway, this is film for a cause that i wholeheartedly support: transparency and anti-censorhip. I don’t believe in a large government and even less the continued cloak and dagger politics that the US government has increasingly employed over the last century.

The importance and goals of WikiLeaks are not to harm other people-—our officials and operatives abroad—but to shine light on the dishonesty, corruption and secrets of our government. By looking at the leaked documents, we learn definitely of the lies Bush spewed, grabbing the public’s “approval” to engage in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan: the ploy that they harbored Al-Qaeda (which we still don’t know exists for sure) and were producing nuclear weapons (not true), amongst other untruths.

I hope to promote the still-in-progress documentary/film on WikiLeaks and its co-founder, Julian Assange.

Aaaaand, i’m out.

Look forward to other posts w/n the next week—i know i’ve been behind.

Thanks for reading 🙂


i choose deaf

A few months ago, a question was posed to someone on my Twitter timeline: which would you choose?—to be blind or deaf.

Allowing myself to step into existentialist and hypothetical clothing and footwear, the latter pairing of which i’d rather not do normally, i decided that if i was given the proverbial poison choice, it’d be to deafen the cacophany of reality rather than cover the visions of lives.

In a quick expanse of the possibilities and hindrances of each, it was quite simple to choose, actually.

Knowledge and experiences are the crux of my happiness; they are the foundations of my world. I’ve learned more from reading and writing than listening. Easily. I’m more of a visual learner than aural (and more kinesthetic than either of the two).

Being stripped of the key ability necessary to both reading and writing words, visualizing and carrying out a task or witnessing an event, would disable me. It’d be a most discouraging and depressing occurence in my life.

The litany of changes is too stacked: audio books, text-to-speech website readers, seeing-eye dog or walking stick, admiring beautiful things, enjoying library book-browsing, mirror-gazing, ad infinitum.

I’m very mercurial as is; i’m very malleable and adaptive; and i’m admittedly and proudly vain; but that proposed combinate is too much, is too impactful on a myriad of known and unbeknownst facets of my life.

Being open to alternatives, for the first item I’m aware that braille is an option. But the process of learning a secondary way of reading, especially at post-adolescent age and via a separate sense and function (touch), it would be an increasingly frustrating, daunting task.

Furthermore, I’m not a fan of audio books even now; they cannot be annotated and unless there’s a professional voicing the words, the quality has a higher chance of being subpar, especially for small-budget titles. It’s a scary prospect.

And, even scarier: how would I write in general? Nearly impossible. Sure, I could type, but the process of revising via TTS is cumbersome. The autodidactic within would slowly be consumed by malnutrition and a broken heart.

Blindness would put a stopper on two key elements and pastimes that produce knowledge in my life. It would also destroy any chances of other things, like playing basketball, videogames, witnessing the birth of my child(ren), gazing into someone’s eyes, enjoying the latest fashion (fails and fads), beer pong, wasting hours viewing family and friends photos  on Facebook, etc.

Underneath all, however, lays a carpeted behemoth. There is an organic dependence element with blindness that is active more than with deafness. I shudder at the thought of being wholly or even increasingly dependent on another person for anything. The prospect and unfortunately hopeful actuality of being a senior dependent upon a child or a relative, or worse, a hired worker or stranger, is also a matter of trepidation, but one that is saved for another time—ideally decades upon decades hence.

This choice was not without at least one point of contention. I am an audiophile; without being too literal, if books are my victuals of meat, music is my libation. Playing music, only to be able to watch its visualization, while reading the liner notes and lyrics, doesn’t sound (no pun) too enjoyable. But it’d be more agreeable than its alternative.

Here’s to the future: hoping that this choice will never come to pass, that i can enjoy all of my faculties during a long, fruitful life.

As usual, thanks for reading.

I’m out.


i will become a filmaster

My Filmaster Public Profile

Besides ESPN, Twitter and Facebook, i read the NY Times Technology section several times a day because there’s always some new service or interesting happenings that will influence my digital life.

One such thing is finding out about Filmaster. Started in 2008, Filmaster is a burgeoning community of filmmakers and reviewers (and fellow tyros like myself), dedicated to all things flim.

The interesting part is that they are preparing the release of a FourSquare like app on the iPhone (and i hope other smartphones, specifically BlackBerry) that allows people to check-in when they’re viewing a film, and also to coordinate with other people (strangers, too!) who are also interested in watching said film(s).

Within five minutes, i was able to create an account (would have been faster if i used the OpenID, Twitter, or Facebook login options) and fill out my profile information and avatar.

I’ve posted one review so far, for The Road (with Viggo Mortensen), which i actually copied and pasted from my Lunch.com review.

This site is apropos because for the past 6 months or so, i’ve been playing catch up on watching films that everyone and their mama have watched already. I’m seriously behind on classics and even more contemporary films (and, nope, i will not say which films, i’ve been laughed at enough lol).

Besides my own profile and the home pages, i’ve yet to fully peruse the other three sections of the site (Rate Movies, The Planet, Forum), but hope to do so over the course of the day. I wanted to get a post out for today, so i did this quickly 🙂

All right, hope this was interesting.

Thanks for reading.

I’m out.


apps i loved when i had an android phone

So, this post is at the request of good friend, @ChadJMarchong.

He’s jumping into the Android world, and he asked me for a post with app recommendations being that i’m a former G1 owner, proclaiming it the best phone OS.

I figured, though, why not do a write-up of kick-ass Android apps? I still know the ones i loved, and i’m sure with a quick search, i can find out their latest versions and new features.

So, without further ado, here goes:


Aldiko Reader Android App

Before the iPad and Amazon’s ereader apps were released, the best book reader out there was one with an odd name, Aldiko. It had the now ubiquitous “bookshelf” look, allowing for categorization of ebooks, drag and drop, as well as a storefront.

Using Aldiko, i discovered a great title, Pieces by Julia Dudek, which i ultimately purchased through Amazon via their Kindle App (more on that below).

As can be seen by the picture, the new Aldiko now has support for ePUB and PDF formats, as well as importing own books and documents (i’m assuming Word and other documents). For more information regarding putting pretty much any ebook/document format on your Android or other smartphone, check out my post, Freedom to Read.

It’s not the most exhaustive list, but it it is a good starting point. Enjoy!


Amazon Android App Store

I’ve admitted to my Amazon purchasing habit. Even with their BS stance regarding WikiLeaks, i still couldn’t, as a consumer, stop using them to get the contraband i so loved and desired (books!).

The Amazon app for Android is top-notch. Allowing for quick browsing of the full Amazon marketplace and normal storefront, as well as One-Click purchasing. There’s also the cool feature of scanning physical items’ barcodes (say, when you’re at Target or Best Buy) and checking out their price points at Amazon. You can also manage your addresses, credit cards, and the like using the app.

Amazon Kindle App (Android)

Amazon’s focus isn’t limited to only the Amazon Marketplace: there’s also the Amazon Kindle app. It allows you to sync (most of) your Kindle edition books to your phone, Android tablet, Mac or PC, and Kindle device. This, too, has the One-Click purchasing capability. I’ve used it to download dozens of public domain books and samples.


PayPal Mobile Android

I live by PayPal for my clients payments’ and invoicing, as well as purchasing products online, so being able to do so while on the go was awesome. I used the app several times to loan and borrow money from friends and family, too. It’s so simple and quick. It’s also great to check balance and history of my PayPal account. You don’t have to download the app, though; you can use the text messaging feature to receive and send monies, as well as check your balance (but not history). Check out the website for full details.


Mint for Android (no, that's not my account lol)

Unfortunately, Mint hadn’t yet released any mobile apps (iPhone nor Android), so i’m not able to speak on this app from first-hand experience. But from the excellent website and the comments and reviews i’ve read regarding the mobile app, i would be remiss not to recommend it.

Mint.com is a site used to track your budgets, credit cards, loans, savings and checking accounts, and probably other things, too, regarding cash flow.

I personally use it to see many times a month i go over my books and bars budgets, but i’m sure you will find other uses. Mint.com has been an impeccable tool for me to truly curtail spending habits. When i was able to see the actual compounded amount over a year’s time (or greater), it was astonishing to see where all my hard earned money goes.

This is a must app for everyone. Get it. Now!

Comment with other apps that may be useful.