friends are good

Coinciding with a recent discontinuation of intimacy, i’ve been embracing and uncovering the need for close friends. A great convo the last week w/ my good, good friend @StephSwinton (kickass birthday gathering!), nudged me through the blogging door for this post. During our exchange, i remarked to her my realization that friends aren’t a bad thing.… Read more of: friends are good

The Loving Story: tears welled in my eyes watching this

The video below is the trailer for an upcoming film, The Loving Story, by Elisabeth Haviland & James and Nancy Buirski, about the Supreme Court case of Loving vs. Virginia, contesting the legality of miscegenation (interracial cohabitation or marriage). The film project is currently in the final days of funding at Kickstarter, the “largest funding… Read more of: The Loving Story: tears welled in my eyes watching this

my life in 365 days

Directly inspired by Ev’Yan and her “my life in 365 days” post, i’ve decided i want to try taking a photo … every day … for a year. It’s tempting to think it’s easy, but as a person who’s attempted (and “completed”) several poetry 30-in-30s (at least one poem every day for 30 consecutive days),… Read more of: my life in 365 days