i embody the nomad life

Even if you’ve only known me for ten minutes, let alone ten years, you will understand that i live the nomadic lifestyle–vagabond, wanderluster, constant-jaunter, etc.

I love being on the move; i dislike staid or static existence. New experiences, new lands, new people are what get me going in the morning–even more so than coffee—and i LOVE coffee.

Over the past year and a half, i’ve been introduced and bonded with a tertiary family: the Nomadness Travel Tribe, most commonly referred to as The Tribe. We are a global collective of world travelers, of nomads, of folks with the wanderlust affliction–we do not stay still for more than a few weeks, a few days; hell, some of us even a few hours. To get background info, i wrote about The Tribe about a year ago.

Shit’s gotten even bigger since then: written up in Ebony magazine; grown to over 4,100 members; six official NomadnessX trips in as many nations; countless meetups throughout the country and the world; released several merchandise items; launched a new Kickstarter; (i’m) diligently working on the creation of and migration to a non-Facebook network; and not to forget the innumerable new friendships and life-long bonds folks have made.

I write this because i want to share one of my passions with y’all. We are currently on our second Kickstarter campaign to raise money for our upcoming RV Tour across the United States! Over about three weeks we will be hitting close to a dozen cities and about as many college campuses spreading the word about Nomadness, about travel, and the freedom we all have if we just allow ourselves to step out on the proverbial ledge.

Money is an object, yes—however, it is NOT an insurmountable obstacle.

And, full disclosure (always), when i say we, i am speaking from the full collective standpoint, but also as a member of what we call The High Council Evita Turquoise Robinson, the creator of this wondrous international group.

Aight, i have nothing more to say but support us…support me, if anything. World travelers unite; wanderlusters chime in. Love y’all.

Peace. And travel.

Love to travel? Love me? Support Nomadness Travel Tribe Kickstarter

I love to travel. Being the ever curious one, a veritable sponge, i’ve had the bug since i was a child—always wanting to see the sites and distant lands i read about, whether fantasical or real, didn’t matter.

As a kid i wasn’t presented with the opportunity to travel outside of the Tri-State often. Before i was 19 the farthest i traveled that i can recall was to DC. I believe i went once to North Carolina with my god mother, but i vaguely remember it, i may even be making it up. I didn’t get on my first plane until i was 23—i went to Lexington, Kentucky for specialized Lexmark printer repair training courtesy of my job. Good times in a random American smalltown. I was able to experience the best porterhouse of my life at one of the top steakhouses in all of America, Malone’s (number 9 on top 10 list if i’m not mistaken). I love flying, by the way, and always get a chuckle, giving an incredulous look at those who hate it or are afraid to get on an airplane.

Once i hit college, i began traveling up and down the east coast, mainly to college campuses, and have since been on a roadtrip to Arizona from New York, stopping at various sports arenas and stadiums along the way, had my first In-N-Out burger (i’m in the background eating lol), as well as the magnificent snow-capped Colorado Rocky mountains and experiencing the Grand Canyon at sunrise—by far the most beautiful sight i’ve ever experienced—crossed the border from San Diego into Tijuana, drunken Homecoming and rivalry game antics in Michigan and Indiana, as well as across the Atlantic to Paris and jaunting in the Caribbean for a wedding in Jamaica. I need to hit up Europe again, as well as finally experiencing South Africa, Japan and The Philippines, not forgetting to tackle many more States and college campuses.

I would not consider myself well-traveled, not by a long shot, but i would say i’ve earned various notches in my wanderlust belt. It’s funny, though, how my peers, family and friends stay saying i’m always traveling. I like to make it out of New York at least once every three months, if not monthly. My life is in constant flux, even my daily commute is 2-2.5 hours each way to work.

With all of this said, serendipitously because of Facebook and commenting on a friend’s status this past summer, i was introduced to the most amazing group of people in the Nomad•ness Travel Tribe, and one of the most inspiring persons i’ve ever met in its founder, Evita Robinson or @evierobbie.

The Tribe as we commonly call it, is a collective of wanderlusters, folks who love, who live by, who eat, sleep and breathe travel. We have members who are teachers, nurses, marketing execs, filmmakers and producers, journalists and writers, engineers and flight attendants. You name it, we got it. We’re educated and cultured, experienced and privy to the various cultures of the world, not to mention the numerous languages spoken (albeit 99% of conversation within The Tribe group page is conducted in English), ethnic backgrounds and nations of citizenship.

At the time of this post, we are almost 1,600 members strong, have Nomad•ness tee shirts and bracelets for sale (other apparel down the pipeline), have collectively visited over 150 countries, have had one official Nomad•ness trip (Panama), threw our first official New York NYE party, and have hosted numerous Tribe Meetups throughout the United States (NY, New Jersey, LA, Atlanta, and DC), in South Africa, South Korea, and in London, with many more events and trips to come, including Berlin and Spain in June & July.

Ahh, now that i’ve gotten your attention: membership is a two-parter: have at least one stamp in your passport and must be invited by a current member (via Facebook).

The Tribe is more than just a group of folks who share a love, though—it’s a movement, a televised one at that. Evie started Nomad•ness a few years back as a one-woman online TV show: her chronicles of tackling one country at a time. She’d backpack, hostel and hike it up, live as the locals did, trying her hands at everyday tasks, tasting the foods, vibing to the tunes, learning the tongues, experiencing and embracing the various cultures. The Tribe is both an extension of her and a newfound family. We encourage each others’ lust to wander, share stories of our travels, provide tips, plan trips together, heck, we’ve even helped a Nomad•ness member raise money within a few weeks to purchase a new laptop after hers was stolen. We’re a family, for real for real.

So, how can you support The Tribe? And, how are you supporting me, if that’s what you actually want to do? Well, for the latter, Nomad•ness is no longer raised solely by Evita, she’s entrusted its growth and forward progression to myself and a few other select members (The High Council!). So, it’s well-being and success are now partially in my hands, hence the if you love me part ^_^.

Of all of the Kickstarter projects i’ve supported, the one for our First International Tribe Meetup is one that actually hits close to home, i’m not just investing hoping it succeeeds, but helping to foster its growth (i’m in charge of all things Internet-related). I’ve put my own monies into it because i fully support the group and will do all i can to see it grow.

We are currently at 61 backers for this project, about 33% of the way towards our goal with a little over a month to go. To learn more, be sure to check out the Kickstarter page, the official website, which will be revamped come March 31st, and also checking out videos regarding Nomad•ness (i’ve included two below).

Oh, and with Kickstarter, when backing a project, no funds are taken from you until the final date (so, this would be March 31st) and only if we reach our goal of $10,000.

Thanks for the support 🙂

science fiction + poetry: two loves, one outlet: basementstories.org

While browsing the Writing & Publishing section of Kickstarter, i was captivated by the gypsy-like illustration for what turned out to be a project for sci-fi and poetry magazine, Basement Stories.

I was very happy to receive an email that i was able to help kickstart this project, one combining two of my loves, poetry and sci-fi. The former i have marked indelibly upon my flesh; the latter is useful in exercising my mind, constantly pushing the envelope and stretching my imagination into contortionist positions. Combined, i see the two as a mental yoga, maintaining intellectual spryness, yet with youthful boundless creativity.

It’s said one should never judge a book by its cover, with the proverb’s subjects being placeholders for anything, generally. But, i’m aware that we are attracted to those things that, those people whom are aesthetically appealing, that spark some intrigued part of our brains or loins. So, with the illustration, with the gypsy appealing to some aspects of both, i was delighted by something deeper. Everything is connected, intertwined.

I perused the basementstories.org site and was quite pleased by the previous offerings, the authors coming from all sorts of angles regarding content, as well as titles of their pieces. Titles are important—they are the names of each individual creation, of each singular family (collections or anthologies) and help to give us an idea of what to expect, or even not to expect; they can impart history. One such title that piqued my interest was one entitle, “Persephone.” I’m a Greek mythology/legend geek. I absolutely love all aspects of it. From the stolen stories from the African continent, to the parables and jarring stories of mortals versus immortals, their innocence and glory, the hamartia and arrogance that destroys them.

Science fiction is not always about space and ships, moons and far away galaxies; it can focus on time travel and slavery, the interracial love spanning centuries, as is seen in Octavia Butler’s seminal Kindred; or it can be steampunk themed, think of the Will Smith movie, Wild Wild West (but, not always cowboys and saloons).

Science fiction is very robust and organic. Poetry is the same way.

Read any of Emily Dickinson’s 1,773 poems (many of them very short, no more than 5-10 lines) or Bukowski or D. A. Levy or Amiri Baraka or T. S. Eliot or Shams-ud-din Muhammad Hafiz and you’ll be astonished and jolted. Nothing is similar, all different aspects of someone’s world are shown or touched upon. From the morbid to the divine to the everyday to the blasphemous to the contemplative to the condemning to the incredulous, there is a poem or an artist for all.

I’m not going to edit this piece—or re-read it. I’m on my mobile device (BlackBerry, baby!) And don’t feel like scrolling up.

I gotta run right now, but wanted to share something; it’s been too long. Weeks i think.

Let’s hope this post kickstarts my writing more frequently again.

Thanks, as usual and most appreciated, for reading.

I’m out.


Vere sandals: i’m taking the plunge

Apparently, my whole essence and aesthetics, style and swagger scream, “Sandals!” Yet, for most of my life (that i remember, at least) i have held a certain disdain for them. Not too sure why.

I much prefer to walk around barefoot and w/ cargo shorts, than to wear sandals.

That’s all changing for good. A few months ago, i was looking at sandals, anything that would appeal to me—you know, not rubbery or that old person look, with the weird looking Jesus straps; they had to be of some wood-looking or leathery variety, that whole earthy aesthetic, but stylish (if that makes sense lol). I wanted to be like an ascetic, but just w/o the whole religious undertones and looking too dirty lol.

And, of course, Kickstarter came to the rescue: i found a project from an American company, Vere, which is working diligently on infusing our country w/ its own home-grown products—no more importing materials and outsourcing production. I’m all for helping out American companies!

There are several choices for the Vere sandals, but i only really like the Al (Dark Brown) sandals. They look pretty snazzy, and fit with my wearing-linen-on-a-beach-look lol.

What’s cool about certain pledge levels is that i will be able to have them personalized! I think i want them to say either “macario.james” or “everything is relative.” Not sure yet. I have time, though, so no need to decide right away.

Hopefully, i’ll have them in time for April/May: when the warmth comes back to New York, and i can prance (yes, prance, like a reindeer!) around.

Here’s to “doing it live!” (Video will pop-up in Lightbox window.)

I’m out. Thanks for reading 🙂


g33kiest, nerdiest of items: mathematician’s dice

I saw this and was immediately stoked! I’m not even going to write anything more than to say to watch the video. It’s self-explanatory the awesomeness that is this idea ^_^

I hope you share in my enthusiasm for the dice. If you like other geeky things, definitely check out ThinkGeek. Oh, and feel free to buy me something from there 🙂 lol

Thanks for reading—as usual.

I’m out.


French film, joyeux bordel

I love the French language—it’s hella sexy—so although this project was already fully-funded with over a week remaining by the time i found it, i had to still pledge something.

A young French woman sits by her window smoking a cigarette and ponders her favorite shape: “The triangle is a lover.” “Joyeux Bordel” follows three veteran flâneurs who spend their lazy days exactly how they please only to learn that excess has consequences.

Plus, from the description, i’m all about excesses and that bohemian life lol—truly a Joyeux Bordel, which translates into “happy mess.”

Either way, i’m not too sure what the film will truly entail because of the very terse description, but the trailer intrigued me, especially since it’s in black and white. Not sure i agree with the woman’s statement that circles are “dumb” and “selfish.” I like circles. And, too bad that $50 reward was too steep for me at the moment; i would love to have a DVD copy lol. Oh well.

Be sure to check out Joyeux Bordel. Thanks for reading!

I’m out.


writers, photographers look: 25 short stories project

I’m a big fan of @Kickstarter! They have kick ass projects. I love books. I’m a writer. An emerging one at that.

Combine those ingredients, and you’ll understand why i fell in love with Avery Anthology’s 25 Short Stories Project and pledged to fund.

I’ve embedded the project’s video below, but in case you’re on a Flash-less phone and can’t view it, here’s the skinny:

For the past four years, Avery has scoured America in search of short stories from “emerging artists” to publish in an anthology. They’ve been able to publish over ninety projects, but were looking to expand, to continue to shine light on the diamonds in the dark.

They eventually came up with the idea to publish stories (and now photographs) from 25 cities. Some of the cities are popular, some not as well-known.

Avery Anthology's 25 Cities Project

The stories must center around one of the specific cities. Originating from or currently living in the city is not a requirement, but the stories’ central locale must be one of the 25 cities.

Already, 35 submissions have been received, and after only two weeks in, the project is currently at 50% of its crowdfunding goal, thanks to its 19 backers. The deadline is March 5th, so you have plenty of time to pledge funds or submit material.

^_^ Anything is helpful.

I’m thinking of submitting a short story i’m working on, or well, one that i was working on a couple of years ago: it takes place in Seattle, revolving around a struggling, unpublished writer. And, before you ask: Nope, i’ve never been to Washington State, but i love the infamous backdrop of its most known city: rain and gloomy.

Maybe i’ll post a preview of the story to see if it has some legs, even if they are wobbly and not strong enough to walk yet. It could be fun.

Be sure to check out my other posts on the each Kickstarter project i’ve funded, as well as the post on Kickstarter and sites like it.

Thanks for reading—as usual.

I’m out.


tagli.us, a new social alternative to delicious


Two days before my post about never having to forget a link again w/ trunk.ly, i pledged to tagli.us. The goal of this project was to be an alternative to the hospice-residing delicious bookmarking service.

Combining bookmarking and social networking, tagli.us aims to fill a void. It seemed great at the time, but after learning about and using trunk.ly, tagli.us seems a little too late. At least on “paper.”

The biggest thing it has going for it is its much larger list of sites with which it will play nice. Right now, trunk.ly only grabs links from Facebook, delicious and Twitter, while tagli.us lists close to a dozen popular services.

Check it out, though. Maybe it’ll have some features setting it above and beyond its competition.

As usual, thanks for reading! And be sure to check out other Kickstarter projects i like.

I’m out.


hip hop word count: searchable rap almanac

Over the years my friends and i have had heated debates over song lyrics, over artists, over albums, hell, even over skits from a mixtape. Constantly we tried to recall exactly what someone said, always skewing it to fit our needs, of course; who produced a beat; or who said something first—did dude really bite a line?

I, nor my friends, have an eidetic memory, so being able to accurately bring up lyrical “facts” has been difficult and time-consuming, even with the Internet and being able to search for lyrics or liner notes. Also, that ish isn’t always accurate (it is the Internet after all lol).

We now have an answer with the forthcoming project, The Hip-Hop Word Count: A Searchable Rap Almanac.

The idea to build the Hip-Hop Word Count came out of having hundreds of heated & passionate discussions about Rap music: Who was the best rapper of all time? Which rapper had the smartest songs? Which was the most popular champagne in Hip-Hop during 1999-2003? Which rapper uses the most clever metaphors? Which city’s rap songs use the most monosyllabic words? Does living in higher altitudes create a natural proclivity for Gangster Rap?

Tired of having these answers left up to conjecture or whoever had the loudest voice, I decided to build a tool that would help give answers by charting the culture described within Hip-Hop music.

With 21 days remaining (deadline Feb 13th), the project is ~70% funded by 200+ backers. I can’t wait to be able to dive into the almanac to see what zany facts or other information i can find about my favorite songs and rappers, as well as random stuff i never knew.

I’m hoping Hip Hop Word Count will be the Google or WikiPedia of Hip Hop: the go-to source for “truth” or at least to settle more friendly some debates.

I’m proud of hip hop. I’m proud to be a supporter of this project. Let’s go!

I’m out.


creatives + non-profits, solve your funding problem: Kickstarter kicks ass; IndieGogo does, too

[Update at the bottom: 1/24/2011] Many of us have wonderful, creative ideas. We believe they will be the biggest thing since Facebook or Mooz-lum The Movie. But, before we can deliver it to the world, we need funding.

That’s where Kickstarter comes in. It revolves around crowdfunding. Basically, you post a description and video of the backstory and purpose of your project, sharing with others why it would be great to pledge funds. Of course, your project has to follow some guidelines, but that shouldn’t be a deterrent.

For those looking to pledge, the funding can be as little as $1 up to whatever you’d like to pledge. The money isn’t taken out of your account right away; it isn’t until the project is “fully funded,” meaning it has reached a preset monetary goal and the deadline has been reached.

In addition to the good feeling you’ll receive from helping others fulfill their vision, there are different tiers of Rewards you can receive. I’ve seen rewards after donating $1, which will be a thank you note/email and credit on the project’s website as a funder; stuff for $25, where you’ll receive a physical thank you card or a t-shirt; and $100, earning you the status as a “Founder” or receiving behind the scenes access to production of the film or being a beta tester. The reward tiers vary for each project; i was just giving an example.

There are all types of projects, from films and documentaries, to music albums, EPs and mixtapes, to iPhone accessories and online services. You can search for them by city or category. There’s something for everyone to support—and if not, i’m sure there will be in the future. I’ve been checking at least once a week the past few weeks, and found these great projects.


Based on the projects, it seems that Kickstarter is preferred by entrepreneurs and artists for funding, but for non-profit organizations, i discovered IndieGogo (thanks to @AfricaHannibal, a Search Engine Marketing expert). The website uses a similar funding and rewards system to Kickstarter’s.

IndieGogo has a wide-ranging assortment of interesting projects, in particular is its listing of several for community-based, non-profit organizations. There is also a cool looking film about a paralyzed musician, Jason Becker, who composes music with his eyes!

I urge everyone to browse through both IndieGogo and Kickstarter in search of something of interest, especially if you are a non-profit looking for an influx of cash to reach your next goals. Continue to help fellow creatives, entrepreneurs and philanthropists.

I know i will.

Hope this was helpful, and i’m thankful for your patronage ^_^

I’m out.


[Update: So, i misspoke earlier: with IndieGogo, when you start a project/campaign, you keep money raised, even if you don’t reach your goal; but there’s a 9% fee if you don’t, and a 4% fee of monies raised if you do. Kickstarter, on the other hand, charges zero fees when you reach your goal, and you do not keep any money if you don’t reach your goal. Kickstarter is better for pledgees, since they aren’t charged; IndieGogo is better for those looking to raise money.]