my individualist manifesto, of sorts—more a personal declaration

Here lie meandering thoughts along pathways unlaid by others, but known to me nonetheless

My goal in life, my destiny (eh), if you will, is to be a bastion, a paragon, the utmost shining example of an individualist—to continue the lionization of individuality and individualism. This is my individualist manifesto, of sorts.

Apparently, i scream uniqueness, wearing it across my face—metal-pierced flesh—and smeared along my skin as tattooed pain. My aura, actions and mindset together craft one seminal embodiment of non-conformity—non-conformity in the sense of not following the flock without knowledge, yet also not caring if i stray alone.


I am not concerned with the overall, but with the independent dignity and vain sense of accomplishment that stems from being different. The masses are of no high importance to me, but the cogs that make up the machine grab and hold my attention. I want to know what smoothed out or made coarse their beings. We are not equal in skills nor appearances, in needs, in desires, nor in dislikes, fears or history—so, why should we be lumped together into cookie cutter models? Amongst the lumpen proletariat, “middle-” and “upper” classes alike, we possess unique attributes, as well as communal aspects amongst us. ‘Tis what makes humanity a complicatedly beautiful entity and state.

This lack of concern for the group fulfills itself in all aspects of life. Each singular part is crafted uniquely, and that uniqueness is combined with other entities to form larger ones—clans, tribes, societies, civilizations.

The overshadowing of details, the lack of scrutiny and lionization of, if i will, devil’s parts, is troublesome. I agree with the “for the greater good,” but only because if the greater is destroyed or harmed, so is the divine individuality of folks all over.

As stated in individuals have power, too—not just gods, there is a constant disregard for the power that a person possesses, often more times than not being attributed to some other entity, rather than the flesh and synapses that make up that person performing said acts, achieving said goals, or brainstorming the latest world-altering idea or plan of action.

It has permeated into the realm of education and online social personas. It’s sad and unsettling, the giving up and not cultivating our most treasured idiosyncrasies and skillsets, all to belong, to make things easier to fit in. It’s laziness, really—a form of cowardice.

I am not too sure what can be done, how to truly resuscitate individuality, but i’m sure i will have some plans in a larger piece i’m thinking of writing, the death of individuality.

Until then: be yourself and help others to do so, too.

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One thought on “my individualist manifesto, of sorts—more a personal declaration

  1. “Each singular part is crafted uniquely, and that uniqueness is combined with other entities to form larger ones—clans, tribes, societies, civilizations.”— one of the reasons you were destined for HC. (smiles)

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